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who do you nom?

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posted Friday, 27 July 2012

There were lots of declarations last night from various factions that they were not going to talk game until after the Coaches comp. But that didn't make it even 20 minutes after the HOH reveal. Wil was sulking, Joe was freaking out. Danielle cuddled up to Shane and by the end of the night they'd made a F2 deal. Dan's been making the rounds with all the coaches, and is in pretty good with everyone.

cuddle noms

Shane declares that Wil is his number one target. There's a lot of talk about whether it should be Wil vs. Joe or Wil vs. someone from TeamBoogie, and finally, if they go with TB, should it be Frank or Ian. There's arguments for every outcome, and by the end of the night it sounds almost like the target has shifted around to Frank. Not quite sure how that happened.

But in the end, they go out to play CC and come back all dressed up in some sort of 80s workout wear, and we learned that Janelle won and saved Wil. It seems Britney somehow got to pick the HNs and she picked Joe and Ian, who volunteered again. The HN foods are cereal and salmon (seriously....the least nottie have-nottie foods ever.)

janie wil

After the CC everyone cycles through HOH. Since Wil's off the table, Joe is pretty much a guaranteed nom. Pretty much everyone who thinks for a living (Dan, Britney, Danielle) tells Shane to nominate one person from each "team" and really pushing for Frank to go up. Shane seems pretty much on board, especially because everyone keeps saying that if Joe comes off the block, worst case scenario Ashley will go up and out.


But then Frank and Boogie come in. They plant a little seed that if Shane noms Frank/Joe, and Ashley gets picked for POV and wins and saves Joe, since Wil isn't an option, it would end up being Frank vs. Ian, Jenn or Danielle. And even though no one is coming right out and admitting Shane/Danielle have a deal, it's pretty clear she's least likely to be a repl-nom. Shane starts to get a little nervous about this, and I declare that if he falls for the Chilltown 2.0, he's an idiot.

frank boogie

Next up for an HOH chat is Ashley. She'd stopped in earlier and been asked to give them a few minutes with whomever was in there and been patiently waiting since, despite having a few line jumpers sneak in ahead of her. She starts out by saying that even though she doesn't think they're really after her she doesn't want to be the girl who gets nom'ed for not talking to the HOH (I'm paraphrasing heavily because I don't speak Ashlish). Shane and Brit basically tell her it's all good and there's a brief mention of POV. I make a suggestion that they get her to promise not to use it if she wins, but I guess they can't hear me across 3,000 miles, and for whatever reason this doesn't occur to Brit/Shane themselves.

shane brit

CT2.0 somehow end up back in HOH again making an even harder sell on the Ashley-could-veto line. Britney tells Boogie he's nuts, that even though she sees his point, it's a small risk and not nom'ing Frank and thereby revealing their deal would be an idiotic move for Shane. About then BB calls Shane to the DR, we get trivia, and I figure we'll come back and find Frank and Joe on the block.


But no. We come back to Joe and ASHLEY on block. The whole thing is crazy. Any chance of keeping the Shane/Frank alliance a secret is out the window. Danielle is freaking out because she's worried her deal with Shane is out the same window. Ashley's been blind-sided, and Joe/Wil/Janelle can't believe that Frank's getting away scot free. Janelle dashes up to HOH to try to do damage control and make a deal that if Joe or Ashley comes off the block, Frank goes up as the repl-nom. So far Britney and Shane have been sort of being half-open to the idea, but they're really just hedging their bets and waiting until after POV. They are much more interested in getting rid of Joe than anything else.

ashley joe

Dan is more upset than I've ever seen him. That is to say, he's actually upset. It's still Dan, so "upset" might be too strong a word. But he's definitely not happy. I think he really wants Frank or Joe to go this week, and throwing Ashley into the mix is just stupid. He's probably also realizing that the Danielle+Shane alliance is not necessarily all that great a thing. Even if Shane is legitimately aligned with Danielle, if he's this much of an idiot, he's not a great ally.

dan danielle

Within a relatively short amount of time, things have leveled out. Danielle checked in with Shane and he assured her she's still his number 1 ally, and that she's part of any deal he makes. Dan has lost the aggravated look off his face and quietly made the rounds with everyone. Janelle's kicked her coaching into gear and is working overtime to try get Joe saved this week. So, we're all waiting for the POV.


Oh, and Jenn's still there.



Lines of the Day

Dan: He nominated Ashley. Are you kidding me?
Wil: Wait. Where did my train of thought go?
Ashley: You get nominated and people act like you have a disease.
Danielle (to Shane about dealing with FrankBoogie): You are making a deal with the devil and the devil's advocate, you know that, right?
Joe: I wanna go upstairs and pull a Willie on him.
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