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sushi, spinning and streaking

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posted Saturday, 28 July 2012

They played some sort of clown/circus themed POV comp, and Shane is now 3-for-3 in the veto win column. He's also tied BB6/7 James' record for consecutive wins.


Things aren't as set in stone as they might be because TeamJanie thinks there's a chance they could get Shane to veto someone and nom Frank. I would say there's little chance of it happening, but Shane seems to be kind of an idiot, so I'm not going to bank on anything from him.

shane tj

Ashley's a bit worried that if noms stay the same people will kick her just to keep Chef Joe around for his slop cooking skills. That one I will call--she's crazy.

joe ash

There was a quite a bit of gametalk throughout the afternoon, but the evening turned to all fun and games. In CC Dan had won a sushi party and got to pick the guests. He chose the coaches, Danielle and Shane. BB decked out the backyard, the HGs decked out themselves, and they went out and played their roles nicely, talking about their thoughts on different players, etc.

sushi janiebrit britboog

shane sushi party

Inside, it's Wil's birthday and the non-sushis had a party of their own. BB gave them enough booze to make things interesting and they all (well, all except Joe) threw on costumes and just had a blast.

handstand wil

The two parties collapsed into one and things devolved into a game of spin-the-bottle. Everyone but Dan got at least one kiss in, some creating more drama than others. Boogie got Ashley with much more than she was expecting...she said later she felt dirty. Ian also got a shot at Ashley that didn't do a lot for her...she said later she'd rather make out with Frank and therefore promptly got thrown at him. And, of course, a Shane and Danielle kiss got orchestrated. Danielle has completely regressed to the age of 14 and spent a good 20 minutes talking to Britney about how she was worried Shane thought she wasn't a good kisser, and she was wondering if he'd kiss her again. Britney played the mom role and told her to relax.

ashoogie shanielle ashian

Later on, Ian recreated his pre-feed streaking complete with Joe's cowboy hat. Then Wil stripped down and did a mad dash to the pool.

ianstreak wilstreak

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