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shane brain

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posted Sunday, 29 July 2012

At the beginning of the week, Shane had a great opportunity. He could have easily nominated Frank and let the house believe they were still at odds, but at the same time know that there was only a slim chance that Frank would be in actual jeopardy. But now that the POV is done, if he vetoes Joe or Ashley and noms Frank, he's got no rational explanation to Frank for why he's nom'ing him if he's not a target.

frank shane

There were a lot of pre-repl-nom talks today. Joe made a pitch to be saved so he could spend a few more weeks in the house trying to get a cooking show after BB (seriously?). Shane almost seemed to be buying into the idea of getting Frank nom'ed. Joe left the HOH room on a high, and I wouldn't have believed Shane was really thinking about it, except that when Dan stopped in next, Shane told him Joe was making some good points and asked for his input. Coach Dan began applying some Mist, but I think that might be too subtle to penetrate Shane's think head. Getting Frank out would be good for Shane, but it's too late now.

joe dan's mist

Wil comes in and makes a totally different pitch. He's completely on to the Shane/Frank deal, so he tells Shane he's not after Shane or even Frank, he's after Ian. He says he thinks Ian's a bigger threat to him personally than anyone else. He makes a vague pitch for veto'ing Joe and tossing up Ian, but I don't think he believes they're going to go for it. Next up is Ashley, who makes an Ashley-ish pitch, that is to say, one that makes almost no sense. She's got nothing to worry about, but I suppose you can't blame her for making sure. It is interesting though how in the space of about 20 minutes both Wil and Ashley pretty much flat out say to Shane/Brit that they're not really on board with the way Janelle is doing things, and that they won't be crushed if Joe goes.


After Ashley leaves, Danielle stops in and lets Brit/Shane know that Janelle had just asked her if she would vote to evict whomever Janelle wanted if the noms stay the same, and basically that she's trying to keep Joe over Ashley. They're thinking Janie plans to try to pull Jenn over as well. I didn't hear the convo myself, but I assume it didn't just come from Danielle's imagination. I think Danielle's imagination is fully occupied with her Showmance with Shane delusions.


The person who ends up making the most progress towards the Kick Frank plan turns out to be Janelle. She comes to Britney with the message that she's "sure" the coaches are coming into the game and they have to get Frank out before he and Boogie turn into Chilltown 2.0. Britney seems to be on board, but she has no idea how to convince Shane. About the only way she could maybe do it is to tell him the coaches coming into the game theory, but she's been down that road before and it worked out really poorly for her.

janie brit

dan boogie

I don't have a whole lot to say about the show. The CC sounded silly to me from the descriptions on the feeds; just an obvious attempt to be salacious. And that's pretty much what it was. The one thing that was a bit odd was the bit with Boogie and the money. I'm not entirely sure why Ian started crying, if that was strategy or completely legit. Boogie did say on the feeds that he almost asked to redo it and give Ian the $6K. A better option would have been to go that way in the first place. Give Ian the 6, Jenn the 3 and keep the 1. It's not like he needs the money.

jenn ian

And of course, the nom scramble was kind of funny. Shane's explanation for nom'ing Ashley is just bizarre. But Shane's at a couple of different disadvantages. First, he's not a BB fan so he doesn't really understand how the game's supposed to be played. Second, he's got the least strategic coach of the 4, so he's not getting great advice to begin with, plus he doesn't really respect her so he's not listening to what he is getting. And finally, he seems to be having a problem with his brain being missing.


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