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frank, my dear, I don't give a dan

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posted Monday, 30 July 2012

Just a quick entry today, I put all my creative writing skills into the title, even if it doesn't completely make sense.


ashley frank

For whatever reason, Shane decided late last night that he was going to veto Ashley and repl-nom Frank. The plan at the moment is for Danielle to string Frank along all week letting him believe he's staying, and kick him at the last minute (everyone is assuming the other 4 will vote with their teamies and Danielle is the tie-breaker). Joe's been told he's safe, but he's also been instructed to act as if he thinks he's leaving.


jenn ian wil

Boogie ought to have been furious over the repl-nom, but so far, no major fireworks. He did have a quick check-in with Dan, who was non-committal. A bit later, Coach Dan clocks some hammock time with Danielle and tells her that he's got her right where he wants her in the game. He says he's trying to position her exactly as he was positioned in BB10, and this is about the time he made his "big move" of voting out Jessie on a split-decision. Of course, that wasn't actually Dan's vote, it was ours, but this vote won't really be Danielle's, it will be Dan's.

dandan boogie

Janelle and Britney have teamed up again in the certainty that the coaches will be coming into the game. Their plan is to target Boogie and Dan off the bat. Of course, they are assuming it's an all or nothing question of the coaches joining the game. And, I have to admit, these latest developments may well have an effect on how the coaches could respond to the "offer" to join the game. But, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

brit janelle

In other news, Dan actually changed his clothes.

new clothes

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