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posted Tuesday, 31 July 2012

While most of the world is watching the Olympics, that other game continues in the BB house. But in between marathon whisper sessions and going for the gold in events like scheming, backstabbing and paranoia, they have managed to throw out a few entries in more traditional events, including swimming, gymnastics, and running.

aquatics gymnastics running

I haven't been paying as close attention to the feeds as maybe I should be, but as far as I can tell things haven't significantly changed. It seems the plan is still to vote out Frank and break up TeamBoogie. But both Joe and Frank seem pretty comfortable. There was a little bit of drama when Wil and Janelle got into some sort of tiff and worry fluttered through the Kick Frank camp that Wil was going to switch his vote. I'm not sure what the Janie/Wil issue was, though it seems likely that it came down to him not wanting her to tell him what to do, and let him play his own game. He may also have gotten wind of the rumour that the coaches are coming in on Thursday. But the bottom line for Wil is that he's better off with Joe in the game.

frank wil joe

shane danielle

Speaking of the coach rumour, it seems that they've all been asked in the DR if they would "hypothetically" choose to come into the game if given the chance. Since none of them are stupid, this is all the confirmation they need that they're going to get a choice. Last night Dan and Janelle had a quick talk and seem to have formed something of an alliance. He referred to her as the first female renegade, and she said she's wanted to work with him all along. I've thought since the beginning of this season that Dan and Janelle would be a BB dream team. He's like Dr. Will with a moral compass, and she's the Energizer Competitor teammate that could completely complement his strategic game. I really hope this is a sincere alliance on both sides, and that they can each trust and stick together.

janie dan

The coaches in general seem to be working on positioning themselves well to go into the game. Britney and Janelle already have an agreement of sorts, and DanBoogie were supposed to be their first targets, but tonight Janelle suggested they keep the boy around for a bit to avoid stacking the jury with "newbies." I think Janelle is probably thinking Britney is her best chance to win the game. Of the re-runs Brit's the most desirable F2 neighbor. Janelle's also got Ashley on standby, who would be even better for her to be against at the end. Dan, on the other hand, I think has his eye on Danielle. I'm not sure what Boogie's thinking. Though he definitely wants Frank in the game for the strength, but if he's starting thinking about playing the game, he might well prefer a teamie like Ian who can add some "mental strength" to Chilltown 2.0.

brit boogieashley ian dani


Oh, and Jenn's still there.


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