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don't care about fair

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posted Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The HGs have been on indoor lockdown pretty much all day today, and expect it to continue until the liveshow. This is almost a sure sign of an endurance comp. Just in case we needed another--as I've been saying, we're due. Not to mention that the coaches joining the comp. is an ideal time for endurance.


The coaches coming in to the game continues to be a major point of discussion. At this point, pretty much everyone agrees that at the very least the coaches will be participating on Thursday night. Some believe they will be straight out playing, others think it will be sort of a side comp which will determine which coaches get to come into the game, and still others are thinking it will be a parallel coaches comp, with the winning coach getting to pull back in an evicted HG. A few times someone will say that a particular scenario wouldn't be fair, in some cases to the players, in others to the coaches, but, as Britney pointed out the producers don't really care about fair. It's their show and they'll do what they want.

boogie janie

At one point tonight Dan suggested that maybe it would be a co-HOH situation where the last coach and last player would be co-HOHs and if they couldn't agree on noms they would become the noms (i.e. exactly what they did week 1 of AllStars). Fishies swam in to keep us from hearing that convo, which maybe means he hit a little too close to the mark, but then again, the fishies seem to swim in a lot this season for no good reason.


Operation Blindside Boogie is still the plan for tomorrow. Wil is meant to tell Frank sometime tonight that "he's good" (meaning he's staying) and then have the rest of TeamBoogie thrown for a loop right before HOH. BB has also told them the nominees won't get a last minute save me speech during the liveshow tomorrow. I believe that's a first, they even do them during FastForwards. But they never change anyone's mind anyway so it really doesn't matter.

wil frank

Dan continues to work to get in good with just about everyone. As I mentioned yesterday, he's made something of a deal with Janelle. But he's also still in pretty good with FrankBoogie. Yesterday he had a long gametalk with them where they applied a little Chilltown Mist (©Britney) to him, and when he walked out, I think he was seriously considering keeping Frank and rolling with them. But he had a chat with Danielle, joined shortly by Shane/Britney (who had also had a dose of Mist), and once the fog cleared a bit they all realized that keeping Frank in the game would be a huge mistake for all of them. At the same time, I really think Dan's putting himself in a position where he can go to Boogie after the eviction and make a pitch that he didn't want Frank to go, and that Danielle got swayed by Shane and her misguided Showmantic feelings. I was wondering how Dan could possibly play the "I'm weak" card this time around, and that's the answer. It's not that he's weak, just that his player is.

dan danielle

Brit/Dan/Shane/Danielle have made an all but formal alliance. Britney and Dan both also have deals with Janie, but Britney clearly is more on board with working with Dan than with Janelle. She's been telling Dan what Janelle says, but not vice versa. Dan, on the other hand, reveals nothing. I would say it's hard to say where his true allegiance is, but it's really not -- it's with Dan.

shane brit

About the only thing interesting about the Wednesday show was that I now understand how it was that Frank getting nom'ed somehow became all Ian's fault. It's really not fair to make him the scapegoat, but he doesn't do himself any favors by phrasing things the way that he does. All he had to do was tell Britney "no, no, I'm not going to nominate Shane." I honestly think when he said "foreseeable options" he wasn't trying to be weasely, that's just how he talks. Then today there was another Ian incident where Frank/Boogie were talking to Wil and someone joked that Ian could get confused in the DR and accidentally vote to evict Frank. Wil said "yeah, that could happen" and Boogie responded that he would murder someone if the vote went wrong.

ian ashley

In other news, Joe got scolded by the DR for sampling his cooking while preparing food for the non-HNs (since he's a Nottie). He was told if he does it again, he'll get a penalty day of slop. Which would be a completely empty threat if he was actually evicted on Thursday. Meanwhile he's sleeping on the floor in the HN room, when the rules require using the bed. Personally, I don't care about the bed violation, but I've always said they shouldn't bother having rules if they're not going to enforce them.


Late in the evening there was a bit of an incident, thanks to Joe's paranoia. Wil let the group know that he had done his part in Operation Blindside and told FrankBoogie they had his vote. For some reason, even though he knew it was mislead, Joe decided to go campaign for Jenn's vote. He went in and told her that he had "vital information" that he would share with her if he was evicted. Which makes no sense anyway. If you had vital info, that you thought would help you, you ought to share it before the vote. I'm not sure what he was actually talking about, but the problem was that Wil overheard the entire conversation and went and ran to tell Janelle, who happened to be in the middle of conspiring/celebrating with Dan about the coaches joining the game. Wil blows up at Joe for blowing things saying that now the other side won't be blindsided. It doesn't seem like anything's actually going to come of it, except that they're all on high alert, and the stalking of Danielle to ensure her vote is at an all time high. She ended up literally hiding under the furniture.



There was a major feed-geek moment at one point when Britney pulled Danielle into the bathroom (the actual toilet room) to talk. I say it's a feed geek moment, because the bathroom cam has a special status. There is a camera in there, but it only records if there is some game related thing going on in there, and I've heard HGs say they've been assured that it's impossible that the toilet cam footage ever be aired on the feeds. So while Brit and Dani were talking, we got audio on the feeds, but the video was another opportunity for the fishies to strut their stuff. Just one of the little silly things that make me smile.


I haven't been doing a very good job of collecting lines of the day, so instead today I have my imaginary lines of what the players would say if the coaches go into the game and their former coach tells them to do something.


Lines of the Play

Danielle: Okay. Whatever you say.
Wil: Bitch, I wasn't listening to you when you were my coach, why would I listen now?
Ashley: Okay, well you guess just need to chill. I'm just loosey goosey and I don't think the coaches are really in the game, it's just a dream.
Shane: Um, okay, whatever. I'll win the veto. Yes, I know what you said had nothing to do with that, but it's my answer to everything.
Ian: Well, um, on Season 7 on Day 23 when something like this happened.....quack.
Jenn: Oh, you remembered I'm here did you?
Frank (on the off chance he's there): Sure Boogs, whatevs.
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