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posted Friday, 3 August 2012

It was an extra long day of pre-nom talks. There are a lot more candidates now, and with no food comp or other normal Friday filler, there was nothing else to do. Danielle was originally on a Catty Girl Janelle-Hate thing, but something got her off that (I think it was Dan). She then declared Frank her Big Target. In logic that completely escaped me (in large part because I was sleeping when it came about) Wil was chosen as the other nominee. Somehow this was supposed to ensure that Frank goes.


It took awhile, but Danielle finally worked out that if she nominates Frank & Wil she manages to piss off Wil, Frank and Boogie, but if she nominates Frank and Boogie, she only pisses off Frank and Boogie. Plus, if Boogie's not nominated there's a chance that he could play and win POV, save Frank and they're both safe. If she nominates Frank and Boogie then worst case scenario is that Frank gets saved and Boogie goes out. Sounds like a good plan, right?

wow joehug

Well, not to Coach Dan. He makes a tremendous pitch to keep Boogie off the block. He's telling Danielle that it's to ensure that Frank goes; Dan's fear is that if it's Frank v. Boogie on Thursday the other players will take the chance to vote out a coach. He keeps telling Danielle he's worried about this because he only wants to ensure that Frank leaves, but the truth is he really wants to keep Boogie safe. I'm not sure if it's 100% just to keep more coaches in the game to keep his own target smaller, or if he's still hoping to work with Boogie. I kind of think it's a bit of both. The scary thing is that Dan's Mist is so strong that I think he may well have manipulated Danielle into doing what he wants (as I type this, we're in trivialand waiting for noms).


I've always been a huge Dan fan. He plays a social game that's on par with Dr. Will, he can and does win comps when he needs to, and he does it all without too much lying or other dirty dealing. I've said he's Dr. Will with a moral compass. But I forget that sometimes he does let that moral compass stray a bit. He's definitely playing this game now for himself, and he's not above throwing Danielle under that fabled bus to advance his own standing. As they were arguing the noms, I was getting very frustrated with both of them. Her because she was being so gullible and him because he was being so manipulative. At one point she seemed to be gaining ground and I was thinking, well, Dan, don't feel bad, it's hard to win an argument when you're wrong.' But then he pulled out a Jedi mind trick and told her to go ahead and nominate Frank and Boogie, but somehow did it in a tone that got her to say "no, I'll nominate whomever you want.... Frank and Wil?' For the next few minutes he kept saying Frank/Boogie, but at the same time throwing out things like "well, it's not what I'd do" and "so you're afraid of that tiny chance that Boogie will play and win veto? Then don't do it." I seriously think she might jump off a bridge if he asked her. Good gameplay for him, but I just hope he at least feels a little bad about it.


Moving on to Boogie. I've never been a Boogie fan. But for the last few weeks, I was really thinking that he'd changed. I wasn't so much attributing it to playing a different type of game, but more so to life. I was thinking he'd matured and that becoming a father, especially given that it was such a high risk pregnancy situation and all they went through with that, had just made him a better person. But for the last 24 hours he's been the same old Boogie, going around the house saying really nasty, personal things about people, etc. That's one of the reasons I always like Will way better than Boogie. Will would totally shank anyone in the game, but he never went around making personal comments/attacks. Boogie even tells Frank that neither of them should speak to Danielle pre-noms, which is a sure way to guarantee you're on the block. They also bounced from the HOH reveal faster than almost anyone ever has. If only word had gotten back to Danielle that Boogie had been calling her chubby, even Dan's Mist couldn't have saved him from the block.


Shortly before noms, Janelle and Britney came up to HOH and tried to sell Danielle on a 2-pawn-plan. They suggested that she nominated, say, Joe and Jenn, hope Frank wasn't picked for POV, and try to backdoor him in the truest sense. They'd also have to hope Boogie wasn't picked, nor anyone else who might be influenced by FrankBoogie. Danielle wasn't on board for half a second, and then Janelle took out some cheez-it crackers to represent HGs to try to explain the odds to her. This actually only served to piss Danielle off further since she found it so condescending. I was a bit worried she was going to get so offended she'd jump back on the nom-Janie plan, but that's when Dan arrived to sell her on his own (slightly less) wacky plan.


In other news, there was some serious talk about forming an alliance of Dan/Danielle, Shane/Britney, and Ian. They're meant to have a check-in this evening when Ian's scheduled to take a bath in HOH and confirm/make it official. Dan has gotten his hands on Ian's rubber ducky and plans to make him swear on it to cement the alliance. Things have been a little up and down on that front. At first it seemed like it was all a go, but there's some worry that Ian will jump back to FrankBoogie, especially if only one of them is nominated. Dan wanted to get Ian's word pre-noms, but that didn't work out and now Dan's a bit wary.


Sure, enough we come back from trivialand and it's Frank and Wil on the block. Danielle's already talking to Wil and assuring him he's a pawn, saying she just wasn't sure where he really stood with Frank and this is the only way to make sure Frank goes. She says if she nom'ed Boogie he could have been voted out instead of Frank. Wil says he understands and that it was a smart game move, and claims he's not upset. I can't get a read on whether that's sincere or not. Apparently Boogie was beyond bitchy at the nomination ceremony. Later in the evening Dan and Janelle have a check-in about the coaches alliance and try to figure out how to get Boogie to understand that Frank needs to go. Dan tries to get Janelle to explain to him how Will was able to get through to Boogie. She doesn't really know, though she does say that Will was always the brains of the Chilltown operation. She also points out that Boogie cannot work with women and that there's little chance of her getting through to him. The plan for the moment is for Dan to feel him out and then maybe the 2 of them will talk to him together.

wil chilltown2.0

Then Dan tells Danielle, and later Shane/Brit, that Ian's "a rat" because Dan saw him coming out of the same room Boogie was in right after noms. I'm pretty sure Ian's allowed to be in the same room with whomever he wants without necessarily betraying anything, but Dan's convinced he's completely untrustworthy, so the duckie alliance may be off. Ironically, a bit later Frank and Boogie discuss the fact that Ian's "a flake" and while they'll use him for a vote and whatnot, they're not really with him. They also confirm that Dan is Target #1, Janelle #2. I'm not 100% sure Boogie's really on board with that plan, but I am close to certain. It's ironic that Dan/Janelle are working so hard to keep Boogie around if he's heading straight at them. I think they're assuming if they get Frank out, Boogie will team up with them as well as provide cover as a coach to go before either of them. The problem is that if Frank somehow survives the week, they're all in big trouble.

shane seenoevil

Oh, and, yes, Jenn's still there.


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