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loyal to a fault

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posted Saturday, 4 August 2012

They played the POV comp and it was some kind of a ball-toss with a Pollyanna exchange for the eliminated players. The final prize/punishment results were:

  • Shane: Veto Ticket
  • Jenn: trip to Maui
  • Wil: $5K
  • Ian: 24 hours as a dog (has to stay in a "dog house" unless led on a leash by another HG)
  • Frank: Spirit-tard, some sort of cheerleader twist on the unitard.
  • Danielle: POV


Danielle's thrilled to have won something else, and have all the power this week. At the moment the plan is still to leave noms the same, and kick Frank (another victim of the costume curse, perhaps) but that could change. Britney's been working on an odd little Janelle-hate campaign. It's odd because Danielle's so almost-there with the Janelle-hate that it wouldn't be hard to push her over the edge, but if Britney is really into the coaches staying around to protect each other (and why wouldn't she be?) getting Janelle out makes no sense. Brit does think that Wil is after Shane so she could be trying to save Frank and kick-Wil, but that would be dumb too.

wil frank

Before POV Boogie and Frank did each talk to Danielle and try to mend up things a little bit. After Dan and Boogie talked yesterday, I think there was a bit of softening of the anti-Dan sentiment from the Chilltown camp and they were perhaps thinking they could make a 4 person deal. But Dan walked away with the clear picture that Boogie was super-tight with Frank, and I think Dan really wants Frank to go so that he (Dan) can pull Boogie into the Mist.

boogie dan

In other news, Boogie seems to have pretty much made an ass out of himself with comments at the comp. When it came down to the last gift-steal opportunity, Janelle yelled "take the veto, Dani!" and for some reason this royally pissed off FrankBoogie (Frank had the veto, and Danielle had the unitard). Perhaps they thought they had a deal and she'd let Frank keep the POV and take the trip or something, but Janelle's comment scared her out of it. Even if they did have a deal she'd be an idiot to be that obvious about it, so of course she would take the POV.

shane brit

But Boogie's real true colors came out in some comments to Ian. When Ian got the "dog day" Jenn already had the trip, and I"m guessing Wil was holding the POV. Ian made a comment about not taking the trip from Jenn and Boogie yelled out asking him if he was stupid. Ian turned around and said he wasn't going to be selfish, and last week he got $3K and Jenn got only $1K and he wasn't going to grab a trip away from her and stick her in a dog suit. Boogie brought it up again after the comp and seemed genuinely baffled as to why someone would be generous to another person. If either Jenn or Ian needed help seeing what kind of a person Boogie is, now they know.

jenn ian

Meanwhile, alliance talks continue in all corners of the house. There are definitely some us-against-the-coaches groups forming, led primarily by Wil and Joe. Ian is still interested in the duckie alliance with Dan/Dani/Brit/Shane, but his hesitations and awkwardness still has Dan a little nervous. But for now, the deal is in place. Ian suggested a Brigade-esque set up where they each pick an outsider to make their buddy. He's thinking of Jenn, suggested Dan go with Janelle (not knowing that's already a thing), Danielle can go with Ashley, etc. In a way I think Ian was just trying to make sure that he can stay tight with Jenn w/o his new alliance getting upset with him.

ashley joe

Late last night, Dan, Janelle and Danielle had a talk about the newbie alliance and ended up dubbing them the InnerTubes (an alliance of "floatation devices" according to Dan). They've decided the "biggest tubes" are Frank, Joe and Wil, and that they are the ones that need to go first. This was immediately following a Janie/Wil little tiff where she asked him to talk and he said he was just too tired. She got offended and decided she was over him. But after the POV comp, they reconnected. Wil later told Ashley and Jenn he was just playing her, but he also told Janie he thought it would be good if people still thought they were on the outs. I can't honestly tell one way or the other.

thanks bb

And that's the way it is pretty much all around; just can't tell who is loyal to whom, or when you can, you can't tell if it's mutual or not. In talking with Ian, Danielle said she's loyal to a fault, and I couldn't help but think that fault's going to come and bite her. She's super loyal to Dan, but I think he's just stringing her along for as long as she serves his purposes. The Brit/Janie/Dan most-of-the-coaches alliance is similarly legit for now, but only until it's not useful to them. Same thing with the 'tubes...they're going to stick together with a safety in numbers idea, but I don't think there's any real loyalty there.

grlpwr celeb jawil

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