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posted Sunday, 5 August 2012

There was a crazy little turn of events in the BB house last night. It will probably come to nothing, but it's still important because what happens next tells us a lot of things about the HGs. Now that Danielle has the POV, Chilltown 2.0 is on the Save Frank Scramble. They approached Britney to get her take on whether they could get Danielle to use the veto, and if they did would Brit be on board with saving Frank? Britney was rather non-committal, just saying that if they get things moving, she's open. Their first idea was to repl-nom Joe. But then Boogie says "let me throw you a curveball--Janelle?"


Boogie's been all about Kill Janie for a long time, and he's got Frank on his side 100%. For some reason Britney's also been very anti-Janelle all day, dropping little hints to Danielle that she should get Janie out. Danielle, of course, has never been a JanieFan, and would really like to boot her just for personal reasons. She justifies it by saying she's a big threat and will work with Joe/Ashley/Wil against the rest of them, but the truth is she's just doesn't like her. Anyway, Britney tells FrankBoogie that she thinks Janelle is a better way to go. They go up and chat with Danielle, Brit joins, Shane joins, and before long they're all doused in Chilltown Mist and completely on board with KillJanie.

boogie frank

Dan comes in and they spray him with Mist, but he's immune. When Frank and Boogie leave, Dan begins to subtly point out how they're all nutjobs for considering going with this plan. He's not really getting anywhere at first, and then when he realizes he has about 36 hours before the veto meeting, he basically gives up for the night. Danielle can tell he's frustrated with her, but she cuddles up with Shane saying that Dan will just have to deal, "it's majority rules."

nomance nomance

By today a semblance of sanity had returned to Britney. I think the DR got to her, or possibly swapped out crazy Britney for less crazy Britney. Though she continues to say that Janelle's a Big Threat and that she's obviously going after Shane, Brit is now realizing that there are a lot more downsides to keeping Frank around as a partner for Boogie. On top of everything when they talked with Ian he told Britney/Shane that even after making a deal during Week 2, Boogie/Frank were planning to nominate Shane at the first chance they got. Brit/Shane had heard this already from Wil, but discounted it as either Wil lying or FrankBoogie not wanting to tell Wil their true target. But hearing it from Ian has them convinced (whether it's actually true or not I can't say at this point). And, they can't actually confront FrankBoogie without revealing how close they are with Ian.


So by today, Dan and Britney were able to bring Shane and Danielle back around to the original plan. A lot of the persuasion came out of explaining to these 2 ding-dongs who have never watched BB exactly how Chilltown plays the game. Danielle keeps saying that Boogie is so much more trustworthy and honest than Janelle, and Dan has to keep telling her that she's falling for a line of BS. He also has to keep reminding everyone that Boogie+Frank is a strong 2 man team, where Janelle is really on her own. They're worried about her teaming up with everyone from Ashley to Boogie, but the fact is a potential team is a lot less worrisome then an actual team.


Dan finally wins game-set-match by dropping two key points: first, he overheard Frank/Boogie go in for a dual-DR a while back, so they now know that they are in fact Chilltown 2.0 and they're in the DR laughing their asses off at how well they're playing all these other idiots. Secondly, he asked Britney if she would ever team up with the person/people responsible for her demise in BB12. She admitted that there was no way, and thus realized that while Janelle would use Boogie if she could, she'd never really side with him because of what he did to her in AllStars.

dan on a mission

At this point, the plan to keep the noms the same and boot Frank is back on track. The big question is how to break the news to Boogie. After the near-blindside last week, Dan and Britney don't want to do that again. Plus they're hoping to retain enough of a relationship with Boogie that they will be able to work with him when Frank leaves.


In other news, Ian spent an adorable day as a dog. On the other hand, we haven't seen much of Frank in his Spiritard. I don't know who BB had put this thing together, maybe some intern's pet parrot, but the waistband is in the middle of his thighs, the zipper is broken, and the letters are peeling. They say the "person who can fix it" will be in on Monday.

puppy ian puppy ian

And, yes, Jenn's still there. I've been noticing that Dan's been being very good about talking to her quite a bit. He mostly just talks to her on a personal level, but then every once in a while, he throws in some gametalk. I don't think it's pure strategy, he really does talk to everyone. But, it's smart. If Boogie had been doing the same thing for 4 weeks, he'd have her now.


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