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the new blindside

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posted Monday, 6 August 2012

So I was completely wrong that the Kill Janie plan would not come to anything--it ended up coming to everything. After it seemed like Dan had rolled everyone back around to Must Kick Frank, they left Boogie make one last pitch to Dan alone. Seeing that the other 2 former coaches were alone in a room, Janelle and Britney popped up and pitched the coaches alliance once more. Boogie said no way was he giving up Frank. He suggested that Janelle ditch "her team." She said she was fine with them going next, but she really wants Frank out this week. Boogie called her a liar, said he'd never trust her, etc. Dan asked if there was any way to mend this rift and the answer was clearly 'no.'

boogie janie

Britney and Janie left, and Dan said that obviously that was never going to happen, so he was now on board with Team FrankBoogie. He got a promise that they'd go after Danielle, Britney/Shane before him, but otherwise just buckled under. Britney came up a few minutes later and she too was all for Kill Janie all of a sudden. Of course, Danielle was all over it when they told her later.

dan brit

In other corners of the house, Jenn/Wil/Ashley got together and formed their own team, joined by a mutual hatred of Janelle in particular, and the coaches in general. Today when Danielle told Wil she'd save him on the condition he vote out Janie, it was like a gift from the BB gods to him.


Janelle was a little suspicious of all the whispering, but still blindsided when she was repl-nomed today. She kept commenting that she hadn't even bothered to put on make-up for the meeting. Danielle explained her move by telling Janelle that she'd heard from "multiple people" that Janie was "after her." Janelle checked in on a few votes in the afternoon and got vague assurances from Ashley, Wil and Britney. She thinks it was Wil and/or Joe who "sold her out" so she doesn't really believe she has their votes. She kind of thinks she has Brit and Ashley. She also chatted with Dan who lied to her and told her he had no idea she was going up (Danielle actually backed him up on this b/c she doesn't want to look like Dan's puppet). Dan also told her that he thought it was all about "girl stuff" and Danielle being mad that Janelle wasn't friendly enough with her. (Which, to be fair, is a little bit true.) When Janelle asked if she had his vote he told her he was in an awkward spot because Danielle would be upset with him.

janie dan

If everything is as it seems, at the moment, Janelle has exactly zero votes. She obviously doesn't have Boogie, Joe's totally against the coaches and with the rest of the newbies, even if he wasn't formally included in the alliance. Wil/Jenn/Ash are completely anti-Janelle, and Dan/Brit/Shane/Ian made the deal with FrankBoogie in the first place.

ian jenn

The real question is what is Dan's plan. I was shocked when he suddenly switched tracks last night. But I was reminded that he keeps saying he's always true to his first deal, and he made a deal with Janelle long before this deal with Boogie. And if he could somehow work things so Frank still goes on Thursday, he's in a great spot. He can turn to Boogie and say "look, I tried" but yet Frank's gone and Dan would definitely rather work with Boogie alone that with FrankBoogie together. There are just 2 things that have me hesitant to believe that this is all a master plan. One is that it seems impossible. He'd have to sway 5 votes, and I think he only has real influence over 3 or 4, especially if he wants to keep it a secret. Maybe he thinks Janelle already has a couple of votes, but I don't think she does. If so, the only hope is for DR manipulation. My second concern was a comment Boogie made last night. He said to Dan "we're not best friends, but we know each other outside of this house, we hang out, you know me...." and then they disappeared behind fishies. This makes me think they have an outside deal. I also think Dan is so desperate to be the next Dr. Will (or rather at this point to prove he's better than Will) that he might do anything to make an alliance with Boogie.


It is not looking good for Janie-Doll. But she's been in trouble before and pulled out of it. If Dan tries to save her I think she has a chance. Even though it seems impossible to me, he's definitely pulled off crazy stuff before. But if Dan's doing what he seems to be doing, I've lost a tremendous amount of respect for him. One of the things I've always admired most about him is that he doesn't play dirty....but throwing your lot in with Mike Boogie is filthy.


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