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wait for wacky wednesday

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posted Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Janelle spent the day working on votes. She thinks she has some that she doesn't, but there are one or two that are looking a lot better than they were 24 hours ago. It still seems like she's likely doomed, but there's a spark of hope left. And if there's a chance that Dan decides to help her out (which so far he's shown absolutely no signs of doing) that could be her saving grace. That's still what I'm hoping for. It really is the better move for Dan. If Frank doesn't go on Thursday, it's likely that he and Boogie will barrel through to the end. Dan may want to think he'd be able to stop them, but I think this is his chance. In any case, there's another day before Wednesday Night Waffles. Nothing's set in stone just yet. And it's a good day for a screencap line-up.

janie dan


brit shane

boogie wil

ashley joe jenn ian


I don't have a cap of Frank because he literally hasn't gotten out of bed all day. Could be unitard avoidance. Oops. I 6:30 PM BBT Frank finally emerged and eventually fully put on his Spiritard.


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