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lies, dan lies, and delusions

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posted Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'm not quite sure where to begin. Lying is a part of BB, sure. When used strategically, it can be an important part of doing well. Nonetheless, I've always preferred players who were honest, even if they weren't necessarily "nice" or "good." I realized this first during BB8. Dick was in many ways everything that I dislike in people, yet I loved him as a HG. There were a lot of reasons, but one of them was that he was completely honest. He might hate you, but he'd tell you to your face.


Anyway, they're supposedly going after Janelle because she's "lied." Huh? And Mike Boogie is being honest? Are you kidding me? I must be living in some sort of alternate reality. I'm not going to say that Janie's been running around the house shouting her strategy and secrets for everyone to hear, but she's been reasonably upfront. When she was a coach she tried to keep her team members in the game, but since the un-twisting, she's been perfectly willing to cut them loose if need be. She was actually all for Joe going sooner rather than later because she felt he was targeting the coaches. Over the last couple of days it's turned out he's the only one she can count on and she's revised her position, but that's neither here nor there. That all happened after the back-door. At the time Boogie asked her about nom'ing Joe, her actual answer was "fine, put him up." The thing she "remained silent" for was Boogie accusing her of "spreading lies." She asked for specifics and he said he wasn't going to tell her because he didn't want to compromise his "sources." What was she supposed to say in response to that? 'Okay, this unspecified thing that I allegedly lied defense is...wait...'

janie brit

By the same token, it's not like Boogie's running around the house lying to everyone he meets. But it is a little hypocritical of him to jump up on the honesty high horse. Chilltown has always been all about the manipulation game. Even while planning how to win over Dan to the b-d Janelle plan FrankBoogie were still discussing how quickly they would turn on him and shank him. It's a little hard to stay if they're still completely on the Kill Dan plan. Given that he did sign up for Kill Janie, they may well stick with him for as long as possible. But make no mistake, they'll stick together far longer than either will stick with him. And I think he knows it.

frank boogie

Which is why being sincere in the Kill Janie plan is so stupid for him. If he really wants to team up with Boogie, he needs Frank gone. He might want to get rid of Janelle long before getting rid of Boogie, but keeping Frank around is just stupid. And Dan is generally anything but stupid. Which brings us to Dan's Lies. I will give Dan credit that he's not (as far as I've seen) joining with the entire rest of the house in the Mean Girls Game and spreading the just plain nastiness. However, he is 100% on board with lying to Janelle about how the votes are stacking up. But his big lie is that he joined, and arguably helped form, 2 contradictary alliances. The Duckie Alliance (or "Quack Pack" as they prefer to be called, I guess) agreed on F5 for Dan/Dani/Shane/Brit/Ian. Then the Sickening Six (or "Silent Six" as they've dubbed themselves) agreed on a F6 of Dan/Dani/Shane/Brit/Boogie/Frank. Hmm....someone's getting fed a line there, yes? And that's not even mentioning the "First Female Renegade" he offered to Janelle last week.

duckie ian

The show completely skipped over the summit at the hot tub with Joe raning about the coaches, and other Joe highlights from the first half of the week. But since tomorrow they're going to have to show how he's the only one on her side, it doesn't make sense anymore. Also completely missing from the CBS show was the newly formed alliance of Wil/Jenn/Ashley. They may be saving it for Thursday to show how the whole house is against Janelle. The three have dubbed themselves "Team Tits"...which I completely hate, and I'm for now going with "Team Twits"...and they bonded over their hate of Janelle. This actually happened before repl-noms, so in many ways it was more about keeping Wil safe, even though he already was safe. The existence of this group is actually all the more reason for Janelle to stay. They'll provide a new nerd herd as foil for her. Without her to hate on, they're just a bunch of floaters.

wil jenn

BTW, while most of the show must make me want to vomit (and especially the FrankBoogie Chilltown phone call), the one highlight was the triple-DR with Boogie's Best Team. Joe walking him to the bathroom was pretty funny too. I think Ian should be a puppy all summer.



And just in case the lies weren't enough to drive me crazy, that house is full of delusions. Most all of them are deluded into believe that Janelle "hates" them, or is "out to get" them. The only one she was really after was Frank, and he's about the only one who isn't spending 24x7 talking about it. We've already discussed Dan's Delusions that Janelle is playing a dirty game this time around. Shane's delusions are kind of funny. He's convinced that Janelle's been going around doing the Mean Girl routine on Britney and Danielle. I'm not quite sure where he got the idea in the first place, but everytime Britney starts to soften toward Janie, he reminds her of all the nasty stuff Janelle said about her--none of which actually happened.


But the winner of the Delusional Diva award is without a doubt Danielle. She's completely convinced that Janelle is jealous of her, hates her, has killed her puppy, you name it. And then there are her Showmance Delusions. She's convinced that she and Shane are the next Jeff and Jordan, and she's convinced that Shane's legitimately in to her. He's made very clear that he's just not interested. But that doesn't stop her from planning their wedding. But then the next thing you know she's gone into a jealous rage convinced that he's flirting with the other girls. CBS stayed miles away from the fact that the real reason Danielle can't stand Janelle is because she doesn't want her anywhere near Shane. As if Janelle would spare Shane a second thought even if she weren't a happily married mom. The main target of Danielle's Green-Eyed Monster is actually Ashley. It seems Ashley does have a legitimate back injury (see the pain meds she was stoned on the first night of the feeds). Today, she came out of the DR and apparently could barely walk and Shane carried her to her bed. When Dani heard this she turned 15 shades of green and told Shane that Ashley was clearly just addicted to Advil.

deludiva shane

I'm not giving up hope that a minor miracle will occur and Janelle will live to fight another day. But in case she doesn't I'm turning to the philosophy of WWJD (what would Janie do?) One of the things I've always admired about Janelle is that she's not a whiner. When things don't go her way she'll take her moment to be sad about it, but before long she's pulled herself together and made the best of things.



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