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farewell janelle

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posted Thursday, 9 August 2012

Any long time readers of the site know that I don't like to dwell on the dearly departed, even when they were among my favorites. But I do like catchy titles and this one was just too good to pass up. The real Janelle Farewell will be in At the End of the Day within the next day or so.


Janelle was done-for the moment Dan decided to turn on her. He's the only one who could have herded the sheep back in the other direction. BB's misdirection fodder was probably great for the TVOVs, who might have believed a few of the promised votes, but feeders knew it was all a spool of lies. By this afternoon, Janie was pretty sure she was going. She told Joe not to be too upset if she left, and she said she'd be happy either way. If she stayed, great, but if not, at least she gets to go home to husband and daughter. That's what's so great about Janelle, she fights like a champ, but when she loses she does it with grace and she always finds the upside somewhere.

dan hug

The highlight of the show for me was Janie's Julie-chat. The whole thing was good, Janelle was composed and had great answers. I'm glad they didn't play a lot of the mean goodbyes they all said they left her. And her response to Boogie's message will definitely go down as a top liveshow moment ever. And who knew douchebag wasn't safe for TV?


Anyway, then it's out to play HOH and a classic knock-out comp. I was rooting for Ian, but in a way anyone but the guy who won would have been okay with me. And Boogie's blatant throwing was just stupid. He could have just as easily stood there and not buzzed in at all. By hitting something he actually had a 33% chance of accidentally winning, which would have been hysterical. Regardless, Frank won it, and we're now in for a week of near-certain doom for Chef Joe. They're all after him anyway, but Frank can easily use the "hey you just voted against me" logic. Just like his last HOH.


Back in the house Britney's having a little bit of a meltdown. She's still saying she feels so bad about voting out Janelle, and she had a little cry about it. Danielle apparently got all offended at this. Dani's just not getting that it's sincere emotion from Britney. Brit also spent some time telling Danielle that Frank is set up to win all the marbles. (Now you notice this?) Danielle doesn't get that either, she's convinced she can beat Frank in comps and have him out whenever she wants.


Joe's on major mope patrol. He knows he's got absoutely no one on his side, and that he's a sure thing to be nom'ed, or if he's not it's clearly a b-d situation. He's very likely to go unless he wins POV. If he does, Frank's got a problem since he's in an alliance with nearly everyone else in the house.

whisp duo

With Janelle gone, I really do hate (almost) all of them. Since there's really not much of interest going on right now, it's a good time for some general assessments.

Ashley: I honestly go back and forth on her. Sometimes her air-head act annoys the crap out of me, other times it's so ridiculous I just have to laugh. I'm not sure what show she thinks she's on, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't realize it's BB.


Wil: His bitchy cattiness is nauseating. I will give him credit that he's one of the few who is there to play BB, and though he doesn't always do it well, at least he's trying.


Jenn: She's there to promote her band. When she finally started playing the game a tiny bit, she joined up with Team Twits. Between that and her association with FrankBoogie, not to mention her annoying habit of calling Boogie "Boogs" (>barf<) I just don't have any use for her.


Joe: He's there to try to get a cooking show. And I can't handle his SCREAMING. His outrageous tales are so ridiculous it's funny; I just wish he'd find the volume knob. And shave that thing off his chin. I want to see him survive this week just because it would annoy the hell out of the rest of them and force FrankBoogie to make an actual move.


Danielle: She got lost on her way to the Bachelor. Her showmance with Shane is pathetic, as is her Dan Crush. Her delusions are approaching a clinical level, and her job lie is pointless (not to mention insulting to teachers). Her insecurites would make her a sad case, but she takes the drama to such a level and plays the role of a junior high school girl so well that it's easy to forget she's a real person. She's never watched BB as a real viewer, just DVDs of past seasons once she knew she was going to be on, so she doesn't really know how to play the game. But she's a trainwreck and it's actually sort of intriguing to watch.


Shane: See Danielle.


Britney: She's making the same mistakes all over again. She's surrounding herself with guys and just setting them up to be the new bro-gade. They'll totally shank her as soon as they're done with her. And she's not nearly as fun this time around.


Boogie: Just when I thought he'd grown up and changed and wasn't finding him quite so repulsive he showed me that he's just the same old Boogie, different BB season.


Dan: Dan and I are in a fight right now. Ask me again in a few days.


Seriously, I lost a tremendous amount of respect for Dan in recent days. The move to get Janelle out was not the best strategic move for him. There was a way to play it that would have been great: go along with the back-door nomination but then secretly rally the votes. And once Frank was gone, play it off on others and scoop up Boogie. And while I'm not suggesting never lying (I just suggested it in the last sentence, after all) the lies to Janelle were complete unnecessary. And it just got topped off when he lied yet again in his goodbye message and told her he'd tried to save her. But he is still playing a good game and even though I'm mad at him right now, I still want to see him go far.

Frank: He's on track to win the whole game. Unlike some of the others, he is there to play BB and he is a true fan so he gets it. He's really not a bad player, or a bad guy. I just can't stand the company he keeps.


Ian: He's the only one left I can root for with no reservations right now. He's there to play BB, he's making smart moves and he's one cute puppy.



Lines of the Show

Julie: You have to keep from cracking under the pressure of your own lies.
Janelle: I know there's been some lies told to poor sweet Danielle because she's not capable of coming up with this on her own.
Britney: I feel like a bad, bad person.
Dan: I'm sorry Janelle, I tried to save you.
Boogie: This one's all me.
Janelle: He's such a loser. What a douchebag. Screw you Mike Boogie, I hope you lose!
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