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where there's a wil

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posted Friday, 10 August 2012

So Joe was the Obvious Target this week. With Froogie as HOH and Joe having been the sole vote to evict Frank, not to mention the ongoing perception of Joe as a schemer, just about everyone who wasn't Joe wanted him out. And Frank had an easy explanation for nom'ing him because of the vote. The question was who would sit next to him. Wil and Ashley were obvious choices because they were all once TeamJanie. Ashley seems to be a perfect pawn since no one sees her as a threat and everyone pretty much likes her. Wil and Frank have had a bit of a roller coaster relationship. At times Wil has seemed to be on TeamFrank, but Frank really can't figure out if he can trust Wil or not. And vice versa. I think Wil would like to team up with Frank, but he wants nothing to do with Boogie.

joe ash

There has been a lot of talk about putting up someone from the "Silent Six" as a mislead to the rest of the house. Shane, since he's a complete moron, keeps volunteering. At one point Britney even snapped at him to never offer to be a pawn, but that just pissed him off. He couldn't believe that she'd dare to try to tell him how to play a game that she's been a fan of for 14 seasons, and played once before, when he just learned about it 6 months ago and has never watched a full season. How could she possibly think she knows more than he does? After all he won 3 vetoes! But I digress....Shane was actually rejected from the pawn plan because he has the veto ticket and gets to play regardless. Frank keeps pushing for a Pawn Dan Plan, but Dan's not stupid enough to agree to that. At one point Frank did say to Boogie that he'd actually like to get Dan up and out, but Boogie talked him out of it quickly saying that if they did that now they'd lose the trust of everyone in the alliance. Boogie agreed Dan has to go sooner rather than later, but didn't think this week was a good time to do it.

dani gomer

Then, over the course of the day, things turned more and more towards a Target Wil Week. They're all starting to realize that Wil, much more than Joe, is the one likely to rally the "floaters" against the big alliance. Someone (I think it was Frank) pointed out that last night when Boogie was relaying his Janie goodbye message to the rest of them and threw out the "don't blame the people who vote you out, this one was all me" line that he pretty much blew the secret of the alliance. Boogie defended himself saying he didn't think anyone caught on, and just took it as trash-talking given his "long rivalry" with Janelle. But there seems to be a general consensus that Wil caught on.

ian wil

And sure enough when Wil comes up for his pre-nom chat, he comes right out and says there's clearly a big alliance in the house. Boogie asked him who he'd be targeting, and Wil answered straight up that he wasn't saying. Then Boogie asked in a slightly roundabout way what he and Frank could expect if Wil was kept safe this week. Wil responded that he wasn't making any promises and maybe they'd talk after POV. Boogie responded incredulously "Is that it?" Wil said 'yeah' and, with a flip of his hair and toss of his head, left the room. Frank and Boogie were basically shocked at his attitude and started to say he needed to up, and probably out.


A bit later they told Britney and Dan all about this and they agree that Wil is a bigger problem than Joe. Froogie suggests a back-door Wil plan but Dan quickly points out that if Wil's not nom'ed there's a chance he'll get picked for POV, win, and save Joe. There's only a mildly higher chance of that happening than there was of Boogie playing/winning last week when Dan took the opposite position. But he wants a different result this week, and it seems like his Mist is fully operational.


They played the Have/Have-Not Comp, and it was another one of those things where they wear sponge suits and then hump each other to get liquid into containers. Ashley is in major pain with her back and couldn't play. Frank filled in for her, but apparently if she'd ended up a HN she would have had to endure it. It sounds like everyone respected the fact that making her sleep on the torture bed would be beyond cruel so they were careful not to make her a Nottie. But there was still plenty of drama after the comp. It seems Joe spent a great deal of time they were playing screaming at teamies Danielle and Britney. Both girls gave great performances afterwards rehashing what had happened. Britney was in classic BB12-Brit style and very funny, and Danielle was full of her typical tragedy. In the end the Notties are Joe, Shane, Brit and Danielle. The alliterative additional foods are cod and candy canes. Danielle immediately announced that she doesn't like fish. Both Joe and Dan told her cod was a mild fish and she should at least try it, but she just wrinkled her nose and refused.

fish candycanes

Wil did return to HOH for a chat with Frank sans Boogie and told Frank that the reason he got so bitchy during his first visit was that Boogie was doing all the talking and Frank was just sitting there. Wil got really peeved by the fact that Frank is letting Boogie run his HOH, and just wants him to think for himself. Frank tried to explain that he really does feel like he and Boogie have a partnership of equals and it's not that he's letting Boogie manipulate him or anything. He also said that he feels like he really owes Boogie for saving him last week. Wil came back with the tidbit that Frank was never in jeopardy last week, that the b-d Janie plan was The Plan all along. Frank said he didn't think that was true, that he and Boogie had fought pretty hard to get Janelle nom'ed. Wil says he was told that was the plan right after nominations. This gives Frank a bit of pause, and I think he's wondering if Dan made them sweat just for fun, or if Wil is lying to him. To be fair, I think neither is the case. Remember, Danielle wanted to target Janelle all along and Dan was talking her out of it. But she very likely did tell Wil that Janie was her target. And Dan was against it until that bizarre moment in the HOH room when a sudden infusion of Chilltown Mist convinced him that Janelle was a gigantic liar and needed to go. So all the work from Froogie up to that point was real work.


In any case, they go off for noms and when they get back it's Wil and Joe on the block. It would be about right for it to be a how-bad-do-you-want-it POV tomorrow, which Joe could easily take. If either Wil or Joe wins we'll have a bit of drama for the week. Or who knows, even if Frank wins, it could go just like last week. With the way they've been talking it wouldn't shock me if things turn into a backdoor Dan plan. It would kind of serve him right, but I would hate to see him go. On the other hand I wouldn't mind something at exposes how much Frank and Boogie plan to shank him. Earlier, Britney and Danielle were talking and Brit said one reason to keep Wil is that they need someone to take out Frank and Boogie. Danielle immediately told her "Dan will do it." I wouldn't count on that, sweet-cheeks.

sweetcheeks brit

And, yup, Jenn's still there. To be fair she's playing a bit more game that she was for the first few weeks, but she's still so far below the radar that no one is even thinking about going after her. But if Wil goes this week she's going to have take over as the leader of Team Twits.


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