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unbearable zings

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posted Saturday, 11 August 2012

It's been a long dull day in the BB house. There's not a whole lot to report. Ashley's still in a lot of pain, though she does seem to be doing a bit better. They picked players for the veto comp, Joe got HG choice and chose Ashley. Everyone agreed that he did that basically so there'd be one less person really fighting for it. The other picked players were Boogie and Jenn, and Shane's in it with his Veto Ticket from last week. Boogie was predicting a nighttime comp, and as the day wore on with no comp I was really wondering where he gets his inside information. He did say his theory was based on the fact that they usually go on lockdown around 5AM on POV days and today the BY was open until around 9AM. They also picked players much later than usual.

joe ashley

In other odd inside information moments, the HNs have been given permission to sleep on the floor of the HN room rather than on the twisted beds. Boogie made a comment to someone that the change was due to him and Frank requesting it. It sounded super-odd to me. Why would they care since neither was a HN, and even if they did ask, why would BB listen to them? Frank later clarified that the request was made before the comp when there was a chance Grandpa Boogie could have been made a HN, so that explained the motivation. But why they'd have influence is highly suspect. The less cynical part of me wants to think that with Ashley's back and the others who have had problems on those beds, they realized they'd gone too far, and changed the rule (they did let Joe sleep on the floor at least one night the last time he was a HN, though I think he didn't have permission and they told him he couldn't do it again). The more cynical part of me thinks that their lawyers told them they could get sued if the beds are hurting people, and the most cynical part of me thinks that Froogie actually do have undue influence.

boogie frank


Finally around 6:30 BBT the Zingbot made an appearance. We actually got a few seconds on the feeds before being sent to trivialand. Since they never air all the zings on the show I would have loved if they'd just shown the whole things, but no. This group is highly zingable, so I can't wait to see all their reactions.


danielle wil

ianbear danbear


Update: They came back from trivialand and it took a while to figure out, but Frank won the POV. For the 3rd week in a row the HOH also won the POV. As of this moment, the plan is to leave the noms the same and kick Wil. Boogie seems to have convinced Frank that it would be suicidal to b-d Dan, or anyone else in the Sickening Six. But nevertheless, Shane and Britney are downstairs stressing over the fact that just 2 weeks ago Shane vetoed one of his own noms and repl-nomed Frank, and Frank could easily take the chance for sweet revenge.

shane brit


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