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posted Sunday, 12 August 2012

I really have nothing for you today. It's been a lazy Sunday in the BB house. They got up, they laid around the pool, they ate. Joe auditioned some more for his cooking show. He did mix up some sort of protein shake/coffee frappuccino thing that they all said they loved and Boogie declared as "maybe worth a vote." Britney tried to kill some time doing a mock pageant. She was really after Danielle to strut her stuff, but she balked. Wil jumped in and did a great job and was declared the winner.


brit wil dani

Dan pulled out a banana suit (apparently it actually belongs to Boogie) and tried to trick the rest of them into believing he'd found it in the storage room, opened the box and therefore had to wear it for a week. No one really bought it, and then after a few minutes we got sent to the fish tank.


And that's really been the theme of the day. Fish, fish and more fish. We get fish for legit stuff like people singing, but more often than not it's for stuff there's no reason to block, like talking about movies, talking about stuff we already know (like the Zingbot), mentioning the DR (like we don't know it exists), and my personal favorite: absolutely no apparent reason. I'm starting to think they really do hate us and they're just randomly hitting the fish button.


So for now, we'll just go with screencaps of those pesky humans that keep blocking our fish feeds.

frank shane

jenn ashley ian

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