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the dan plan

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posted Monday, 13 August 2012

As I was writing yesterday's post about how nothing was happening in the house, I was thinking that exactly a week ago I was thinking things were pretty set when all of a sudden everything flipped and suddenly Janelle was going up on the block. It occurred to me that with the ire Frank has been emitting in Dan's direction that a similar thing could have happened this week. As I've said, it would actually serve Dan right, though I really don't want to see him go. I also couldn't help but think that Frank nominating Dan could make things very interesting. Dan would have to go into full fight mode, and unlike Janelle he might have had a chance. Where Janelle always depending on her comp strengths Dan's a super-strong social player. Plus, if Frank turned on Dan it would put a spike in the Sickening Six and we would have a bit more of a show.

frank dan

So last night Wil and Ashley troop up to HOH and pitch a kick-Dan plan to Frank. He let them talk, and led them to believe he was seriously considering it. And I think he was seriously considering it. Wil even said he'd be willing to stay on the block and have Joe be the vetoed nom and fill the role Frank had in Janelle's eviction. By the time Wil and Ashley met up with Jenn for their Team Twits reunion, they were convinced they had sold Frank on the plan and it would be going through. Wil also told Joe that he'd "worked" Frank and Joe would be coming off the block.

ashley wil

Next up for an HOH pow-wow was Ian. Frank pitched Kill Dan to Ian, and Ian balked a bit. He told Frank that it would be a bloodbath if he did that and it wasn't a good idea. Ian kept saying they needed to target floaters (which is slightly ironic since Ian's one of the biggest floaters in there, but he doesn't see himself that way). Frank told him he was pretty sure he was leaving noms alone, just floating (no pun intended) an idea. Nonetheless, Ian went downstairs and reported to Britney and Danielle that Dan might be going up. He told them not to tell Dan, and Danielle agreed, saying "he'd freak." Apparently she hasn't met Dan. There's no way he'd freak.


There was also some consideration given to Shane as a repl-nom, but Frank's not nearly so embittered towards Shane, and he feels pretty confident that he can manipulate him later on (rightly so). But if anyone was freaking, it was Britney, who thought there was at least a chance that one of her boys was going up as a replacement.

brit shane

This morning before the POV meeting, Frank had a talk with Boogie about Kill Dan. Again, Boogie told him not a good idea, too soon, etc. Frank pushed pretty hard for it, but did take Boogie's points to some degree. The problem is that they're both right from their own perspective. Even if Dan is loyal for now to Chilltown 2.0, he'd drop Frank waaaay before he'd drop Boogie. Dan knows if he doesn't get Frank out of his way pretty damn soon, he's going to be out himself. On the other hand, Boogie is an ideal final 2 partner for Dan. If the 2 of them are the F2 the "he's won before" argument can't be used against him. Boogie knows this, and he also must realize that if he got to the end he'd be much better off against Dan than against Frank. At the same time, he can't take out Frank himself, so he needs Dan around to do it for him eventually. Kind of like how Janelle took out Will for him in BB7.


Anyway, they went off behind the trivia for the veto ceremony and in the end Frank didn't go for Kill Dan. Afterwards he even spun it around and told Dan that WIl/Ashley pitched the idea to him, but he was never really considering it, just let them think he was to see what they'd say. I do believe Frank thinks he's playing Dan like a fiddle, but I'm pretty sure Dan's 100% on to him. Meanwhile Britney, Danielle and Ian all told him he was close to danger.


Ian seems to legitimately think that he had an influence on Frank not nom'ing Dan. It does seem like Ian is pretty committed to the Duckie Alliance, but he's in a little too deep as spy in the Froogie camp and seems to be getting affected by the Chilltown Mist a bit. He was telling Britney this afternoon that Frank is definitely more interested in getting out floaters for now, but little did he know that just a bit earlier Frank and Boogie had been discussing how soon they could get away with booting Britney.


So Wil and Joe are still on the block, and though Joe looked sure to go a few days ago, now it's almost as certain that he'll stay. Even if Wil turns on the campaigning I don't think he's got a shot. The various alliances (the Six, the Duckies, and Froogie) are all currently against him and seem unlikely to sway. But stranger things have happened, and he'd actually only have to turn a key person in any alliance to get the whole thing. Unfortunately for him, the 2 key people are Dan and Boogie, who a.) are the least likely to buy anything he's selling, and b.) are the 2 people he'd target given the chance--and they know it.

joe daniwil

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