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magic powers

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posted Tuesday, 14 August 2012

This season started out with so much drama and gaming that I was seriously wondering how I was going to make it through the summer on 90 minutes of sleep a night. But then in one fell swoop, BB14 went from great fun to great dud. The HGs aren't necessarily aware of it, but they probably should be. Even though it's only Tuesday, no one's really thinking about this week anymore. Pretty much everyone has moved on to "what ifs" for next week.

brit shane

Everyone's picking out noms for an HOH that hasn't even happened yet. I do sort of wonder if the DR isn't hinting to them about Fast Forward, and that's why they're speculating so much. If they boot out 2 people on Thursday then they're down to the jury, and given that we're more than halfway through the season, we really should be there by now. Frank was locked out of HOH for a while today which led to wild speculation about a Pandora's Box. He started to think he was going to get a "magic power" which would let him nominate a 3rd person and then the HGs would pick one of the 3 to stay. Seems pretty crazy, but crazier things have happened. Of course, it turned out that BB was just cleaning the fishtank or something.

dani ian

As far as targets, Team Twits is totally after Boogie and Dan, with Danielle/Shane/Britney has backup repl-noms. Everyone else is telling their respective alliances that they'll totally nom Ashley and Joe (Wil leaving is an assumption at this point) and use Jenn has a repl-nom if needed. But secretly they're all plotting to shank each other. Personally, I'm not sure whom I want to see win HOH, but I do know who I want up and out: either Frank or Boogie. My backup choice would be Shane.

boogie dan

It seems Frank and Boogie do have Wil on a bit of a stroll down Blindside Lane. He's not as completely convinced he's going as he should be. He is getting a little suspicious when he hears people discussing with Joe what he's going to make to for dinner on Thursday. He also campaigned a bit to Shane and Shane apparently mentioned hearing Wil was trying to get him back-doored. Since that info would have to have come from Frank, that's a clue to Wil that Frank's not on TeamWil. But when he spoke to Boogie about both things Boogie dismissed them, saying people were just speaking hypothetically about Thursday dinner, and he didn't know where Shane would have heard that. Boogie did comment that he was surprised Joe hadn't imploded being on the block. Of course the reason he hasn't is that he was told not to "stir the pot" and just stay calm, if he wanted to stay.

wil joe

At the beginning of the week I commented that it would take Frank getting a "Pandora's Lobotomy" for Joe to survive. Turns out I was wrong. A few snarky words and a bit of attitude from Wil, combined with a lack of the same from Joe has completely turned things around. But that's the closest to a magic power we've seen. Now we just need something to happen to make the whole show fun and interesting again.

ash frank

Oh, yeah, Jenn's still there.


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