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posted Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Here's a hint to hamsters: never hold back. Whether it's drama or fun, or especially gameplay, go all out. Wil's so convinced he's going that he's barely lifted a finger to campaign. He finally had a bit of a fire lit under him this evening and he's made pitches to Shane/Britney, Dan and Danielle. Danielle seems like she'd legitimately like to keep him, but without at least 2 others, there's no point.

wil frank

Wil's also talking a lot about wanting to play a more honest game, and he's pretty convincing. The irony is, of course, he could easily be lying. He did score a few points (with me anyway) by telling Dan about the plan to b-d him. Dan already knew this, but didn't really let on. According to Wil, it was Frank who first brought out Dan's name, though most other sources say it was Wil/Ashley. Didn't see it myself so I'm not sure. It doesn't really matter. The point is that though it won't likely change the vote this week, it hopefully keeps Dan at high awareness to the threat that is Froogie.

dan boogie

Now Joe is showing some admirable restraint. He's managed to take the advice to not stir the pot. Yet somehow he's done it without becoming dull as dirt. He actually provides some of the small amount of entertainment left in the house what with his cooking shows, his outrageous tales, and his complete obliviousness to how much the rest of them hate him. He also provides a great target for Funny-Britney. He's become one of her favorites, along with Dreary Danielle.

brit joe

Speaking of Dreary Danielle, one of the highlights of the Wednesday show for me was definitely seeing Danielle's reaction to her Zingbot Zing. At least everyone has decided to recognize that Shane's just not that in to her. Though this has her a bit bummed, it's also given her more fodder for her PoorMe dramas. She now alternates among tales of how mean Shane is to her, how much she doesn't care, how she's actually got someone else, and how it's actually her ignoring him and that's piqued his interest again.

danielle shane

Another highlight of the show for me was Wil saying in the DR that the only person he has in the house is Ashley. Apparently the DR doesn't want to hear about Team Twits. Or Jenn is just as invisible to the HGs as she seems to us.


In other news, Ian did a fabulous story hour telling the entire tale of BB10. Dan was standing by as a fact checker, but barely needed. In fact, Ian told Dan a thing or two that he had missed or forgotten. It's amazing the detail with which Ian remembers the season. I mean, I'm a crazy BB livefeeder and blogger and I couldn't possibly tell you the colors of the 2 cars in the first BB10 food comp. Or the order in which people went out of HOH comps. And that was the final highlight of the show me: I'm glad the Duckie Alliance seems to be holding strong. It's about the only alliance I'm rooting for because at this point I'm mainly rooting for Ian. I'm still a Dan fan, and I've pretty much forgiven him for shanking Janelle, but I can't get past the fact that he has some true loyalty to Boogie. Also, he has won before. I'd actually kind of like to see a F2 with Dan and Ian. No matter which way it turned out, I wouldn't mind seeing the two of them walk out with all the money. And Ian would be so thrilled to even come in second.

the man

A little p.s. I should mention that Ashley and Frank had a little "date" last night, that apparently included more action that Shane and Danielle have had in 40 days. It was still pretty minimal, and was mostly about Frank trying to rope in Ashley for game purposes. He later reported back to Dan and Boogie about the "intel" he'd acquired. Glad to see he's learned another lesson from Boogie: how to have a 'homance. I shouldn't say that, it really was just showmancey, nothing 'homancey about it. But Ash should watch out. If she's not careful before long she'll be the new Erica, and needing to hide her face.

ash ash

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