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posted Thursday, 16 August 2012

It was a night of non-surprises for BB. After an amusing, though hardly convincing speech from Wil, and a bizarre and confusing speech from Joe, Wil was evicted 6-2. Team Twits were Wil's only votes. It continues to amuse me how much Jenn is ignored. I was wondering if they would even remember to have her vote. After Boogie and Ashley had voted, Julie said the Quack Pack would be up next, as if Jenn wasn't even a factor.

hoh comp

The filler bits on the show were okay, though they were just filler. I actually enjoyed the bit with Joe's family. Glad to hear that his kids want that thing off his face, and they think his DR shouting is as funny as we do. The news/trivia for the HGs was cute. I guess Jeff's visit was just to promote his thing, but it was still fine. Glad to hear he's TeamIan.

comp frank

So Wil goes out, and does a fine little Julie chat. He got a little choked up at one point and I think he would do some things differently, given the chance. Julie confirmed his suspicions about the Sickening Six, without mentioning the Duckie Alliance. Kind of silly since he's being released into the wild and will know all soon.

shane dan

Then it's out to play HOH and slip-slidin' away to go for HOH, safety for the week or $10K. Speaking of the $10K....the twitter spam hashtag voting is the stupidest thing ever. The show's only aired live in the half the country, and I can't believe they were really going to accept either answer anyway. Are we supposed to believe they finished dressing the HOH set during the commercial break? Not to mention (as someone did mention on twitter) with no HaveNots this week, a HN pass would be useless. Presumably it could be used later, but whatever. Anyway, only Boogie went for the $10K. Again, not at all surprising. Put cash in front of Mike Boogie and he'll go for it no matter what.

comp ian

About half of them went after the safety jug. Initially I was kind of surprised at Britney. I would have thought she would be legitimately wanting HOH. But I think she realized she had no shot at beating Shane, and realized that if she could get the safety, no one else could have it. The explanation she gave the rest of them was that it was as good as HOH, without the responsibility or the consequence of not being able to play next week.

britney danielle

It really wasn't a battle for HOH. Shane had it pretty much wrapped from the beginning. This particular comp usually goes to a strong guy; kind of makes up for the other type of endurance going to smaller people. Most of them spent the bulk of the comp wiping out. Danielle, Ian and Joe all fell hard a number of times. Jenn fell a couple of times, and at least one was pretty bad. She kept moving, though she admitted she was in a lot of pain. Ashley just coasted along like she does in her Ashley way. She had no chance of winning, and there was no point in getting hurt again. And she gave me a good laugh at one point by sticking her fingers in as if she was trying to reach her ball despite the fact that she only had like an inch of water. If wishing could make it so, she would have been HOH.

ashley shane

So who knows what Shane will do. He had an early morning bonding session with Joe where he talked about going after Frank/Boogie. Whether he'll actually do that himself or not is an open question. Generally when it comes to what will Shane do, my thought process is to figure out what the dumbest possible move would be and expect that.

hoh brit

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