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everyone under the bus!

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posted Friday, 17 August 2012

It was a slightly odd Friday in the BB house. We didn't seem to have the normal rotations through the HOH room checking on noms. That may be because everyone thinks they know where they stand. Or it may be because gametalk just confuses Shane. The Duckie Alliance did get together last night (without Shane) and decided that Frank and Boogie should be straight up nominated. This came in part from Britney hearing via Ian and Danielle that Frank and Boogie had been hoping to get her and Shane nom'ed this week, and in particular, if it had been a FF yesterday, they had really hoped to get her kicked. This is all true; that was in fact Froogie's plan, and still is. They're expecting that they're safe this week due to keeping the Sickening Six intact last week, but they still plan to kick Brit at their first opportunity. The Duckies did inform Shane of his noms last night and he was fine with it.


At one point today Ian and Frank had a chat and though he knows he's perfectly safe as a Duckie, Ian mentioned that he was concerned about himself, Frank or Boogie being nom'ed. Frank said he wasn't that worried, since he hadn't b-d'ed Shane last week when he could have, but he did comment that if he and Boogie go up, he's going to be pissed at Boogie for going after the $10K in the comp, rather than safety or HOH. This is all good for us. As long as Shane follows through and noms Froogie, we should have some good drama coming our way.

Frank boogie

BB did throw a little curve ball at them and us this afternoon. After a lockdown they came inside and found a little trail of balls leading to the arcade room. When they checked out the room, they found there is now a cube with a question mark on it in amongst the balls. This of course led to mass speculation as to what it means. Some thought it was an alert that there would be a Pandora's Box coming up. Others think it is a hint about the veto comp. Shane was worried that it was somehow going to mess with his noms or give some sort of power to the nominees. He's a little paranoid, but after what happened to his last HOH, one can hardly blame him. Dan thought maybe there were some coins hidden elsewhere in the house that could be used to start the game, but he searched pretty much everywhere and came up empty. Personally, I'm with the "it has something to do with POV" people.

? britballs

We come back from trivialand and sure enough, Froogie are on the block. Let the drama begin. It all starts with Shane and Froogie in HOH. Shane is "playing" dumb going with the lines of "I changed my mind at the last minute" and "I heard you were coming after me." He tells them repeatedly that Britney influenced his decision, and also that others told him he was a target. Frank asks directly if Dan is one of the people who said that, and Shane says no, not to him personally, but he might have said it to Britney. Froogie tells Shane that Britney's manipulating him, getting him to do the dirty work and that she just doesn't want to get Bro-gaded again. Shane says he's "a little mad now" that Britney played him. Froogie says it's fixable and that they'll play POV and maybe he'll repl-nom Brit. (They're completely forgetting that she won safety in the HOH comp.)

shane boogie

Britney stops up next and Shane tells her that he said she had influenced him, but that he didn't name anyone else. She gets upset that he threw her under the bus, though she says she knows why he did it. She goes downstairs to talk to Froogie and they start out kind of heated, telling her not to downplay her manipulation of Shane. She keeps arguing that she doesn't have the influence they think, and that Shane made his own decision. She also says that she was just passing along information that she got from a reliable source. The source is actually Danielle, but Froogie immediately jump to the conclusion that it was Dan. They start in on how much he can't be trusted. By this point Britney has reminded them that she has safety, so now they're working on a b-d Dan plan (sound familiar?). Britney's still not thrilled, but at least some of the heat is off her. In the middle of all this, Joe had noted the raised voices from the bedroom and Shane had popped in to check on Brit, but she'd basically told him to get out.


After the Froogie meeting, Britney goes to hide in the arcade room. Shane comes in and they go back and forth for awhile. He still doesn't see how what he did was so bad, he just didn't want to take all the heat for the noms himself and he feels like he did the right thing by not throwing the whole Duckie alliance under the bus. The real problem is that Shane has no understanding of the subtleties of BB. (Or anything for that matter.) He feels like it's obvious that he talks to Brit, so admitting she influenced him is no big deal. But in BB speak to say someone else influenced your nominations when you're the HOH is like saying they're in complete control of you. Shane further proves his stupidity by offering to go talk to Froogie again and tell them not to blame Brit. She tells him that would just make it worse because it would look like yet another thing he was doing at her direction.


Meanwhile Dan has noticed that Boogie and Frank are giving him the cold shoulder. When he gets a chance to talk to Britney she tells him that though she didn't name any names, Froogie assumed she got the info from him and were talking about how dangerous he is. What she doesn't say is that she all but confirmed him as the leak. Regardless, Dan knows where he stands and he also knows that getting Frank out has to be his top priority. Dan also points out that the funny thing is that it's really Ian who's throwing Froogie under the bus and they have no clue.

dan danielle

They're already on lockdown for POV, though they haven't picked players yet. It's possible it could be a late night comp. Whenever it happens, this is going to be one interesting week. If Frank or Boogie wins the POV, obviously it will be used, and they're going to be fighting hard to get Dan backdoored. If anyone else wins it they're going to get hounded by Froogie to use it, and hounded by others not to.


In other news, Jenn proposed a "girl alliance" to Ashley, Britney and Danielle. Brit/Danielle said sure, mostly thinking they'd just use it for what it's worth and try to keep Shane and Dan safer than the other guys. Of course now they're so pissed at Shane if Ashley or Jenn won HOH they might well support kicking Shane. I didn't hear a name for this group, so for now I'm going to stick with TeamTwits.

ash jenn

Lines of the Day

Shane: Britney influenced me. I feel so stupid.
Boogie to Britney: You made the big move sweetheart
Danielle: You could just sit there and let them yell like Janelle did.
(In what world did Janelle yell? Oh, right, Danielle's World.)
Shane: I'm just saying the Quack Pack influenced my decisions!
(Reason not to pick goofy alliance names: you end up saying things like that.)
Frank: Obviously there are people in this house fucking with us.
Dan: Do you think it's me?
Frank : I'm not saying that, bubba.
Dan: Ok. I would hope not.
Shane: I guess that's the point of being HOH, you get all the blood on your hands."
Britney: I didn't even ask to stay (in BB12). They told me I was going home and I said 'ok' and went downstairs and packed my bags.
Britney: I control everything....I convinced Willie to headbutt Joe.
Dan: I'll never say something is right or wrong in this game. In this house there is no morality, there's just what gets you further in the game.


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