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i can't believe it's not better

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posted Sunday, 19 August 2012

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but for some reason the current state of the house is irritating me. All along I've been thinking that I ought to just root for Frank since it seems like he's been predetermined to win the game. I've also felt that there's nothing really wrong with him except that he insists on associating himself with Boogie. But now that Frank is definitely safe for the week and it's Boogie likely to go, I'm finding myself wishing it were the other way around. Frank's hit the campaign trail to SaveBoogie and it seems he's learned a lot from his mentor. Every time Frank opens his mouth I pretty much want to vomit. And I wouldn't worry about it so much if anyone other that Shane were HOH. Shane's proven so gullible in the past that I'm worried he's going to fall for Froogie's line of BS. The only saving grace is that Dan does realize he made a mistake by not coaching Shane more pre-noms, and I'm pretty sure he will be sure to check in with ShaneBrain right before repl-noms to make sure he's still on the right page.

shane dan and duckie

Froogie have spent the day alternating talks with Shane and Britney working the b-d Dan angle, backed up with the b-d Joe angle. I don't think either is going to work at the end of the day because no matter what, Shane/Brit aren't going to want to bust up 2 alliances in one week. Even if they're sort of buying the Dan's a Huge Threat story (which, duh, he is) they have to realize that Froogie are also a huge threat. And right now Dan is on their side. Britney's said to Shane a couple of times that while she believes Dan was playing both sides, that's done and now he's with them whether he likes it or not. As far as nom'ing Joe, that would be beyond stupid. If that's a backup save Boogie angle, it would save him, but get no one useful out.

frank boogie

Frank did have a minor run-in with Joe, confronting him for.....something. It sounds like it might really be about Joe accusing Froogie of cheating in the POV, but the prods aren't going to let that hit the air, so it might be being spun into just a general "you were talking shit about me" thing. Whatever it was, it got Joe all riled up. He was all set to take the fight up a notch, but went up to HOH first and chatted with Shane and Danielle, who calmed him down.


Boogie sat down with Brit and pulled out some fake tears (he'd told Frank earlier he was going to play the sympathy card, talk about his son, and mention (lie) that his businesses aren't really doing well). Later, Brit told Dan and Ian that she did feel bad for him. Dan just commented that "he's good." Meanwhile TeamTwits has been recruited to work for Froogie, and Jenn and Ashley have both gone to Shane with tales of what a threat Dan is. I can only hope that someone points out to him that this just proves that they are on TeamFroogie, and is all the more reason Boogie needs to go.

brit ashley

Interesting moment of the evening came when Joe said to Britney that "they" (meaning the DR) agreed that there was cheating/communication between Boogie and Frank during the POV comp, but concluded that it "didn't matter" because it didn't cause Frank to win. (FB to 8/19, 7:05 PM F1/2) Button-boy must have been on dinner break because there were no fish. Joe also told Brit that he'd figured out that was what Frank was talking about when he confronted Joe earlier. Joe's also worked up because Ashley told him that "everyone" (but not Frank and Boogie) have told her that Joe was accusing her of "folding on purpose" in the comp. Since I presume she didn't just trip and fold, she really means losing on purpose, but whatever. Joe told her he's said no such thing and now he's trying to figure out who's saying he did. Ashley later told Britney it was Ian, though I believe all Ian actually said was that her actions had "raised eyebrows." He certainly never gave Joe's name.

britjoe ian

Jenn also came up with one of the more bizarre arguments I've ever heard for Shane to b-d Dan. She said she was concerned about Danielle, that she doesn't want her to end up being Dan's Memphis that he "drags her to the end and then slits her throat." I'm not sure what version of BB10 Jenn was watching (oh, wait, probably no version....she's just going off of what Froogie have told her) but I'm pretty sure there was no throat slitting in the version I saw. And what's the alternative for Danielle to Dan "dragging" her to the end? Evicting one of her top allies this week so she has less chance of getting to the end? Please, Jenn, don't kid a just want that #2 spot kept open for you. Problem is that Shane won't necessarily catch on.

jenn danielle

Basically, I'm just ready for the POV meeting to be over so we can all move on with our lives, hopefully get Boogie out, and just start stressing about the FF on Thursday.


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