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the janitor

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posted Monday, 20 August 2012
Dan (about Boogie): I've realized it's not Chilltown, it's Dr. Willtown. He's just the janitor.

dan boogie

Despite their best efforts Froogie got played by Shane. After all the work they put in yesterday, and even being sure to be the last voices Shane heard before the veto meeting, they didn't get either their first or second choice repl-nom. Or even their third choice. They got Jenn. So it's Boogie vs. Jenn on Thursday. There's little room to campaign against Jenn, so they're generally working the angle of keeping Boogie so he and Frank can go after Dan and Shane.

jenn frank

Nothing really matters since the Duckie Alliance is pretty dead set on getting Boogie out. However, there are lots of opportunities for little cracks, and lots of fabulous misdirection fodder for the show. It's been too crazy in the house to go through it all narrative style, so here are the bullet points:

ian shane

  • After the ceremony, Frank went off on Shane saying that he'd just moved into Dan's spot as Froogie Target #1.
  • Boogie and Frank told Danielle that no matter what she thinks, Dan will shank her in a second. This reduced her tears. Dan pep-talked her a bit which made her feel a little better. Then she went to Britney for sympathy and Brit told her she was being ridiculous, which gave her more reason to be tragic.
  • Ian said some nasty-ish things about Dan and Shane to try to "keep his cover" with Froogie. This pissed off Danielle a lot and Britney a little. Ian later apologized to Dan, who wasn't upset. But Danielle's pretty much over Ian and is starting to talk about cutting him at her first chance. Dan keeps trying to gently back her off that, but not too much because he knows Ian has to go at some point.
  • Frank's turned up the flirting with Ashley and is trying to get her fully on board with the keep-Boogie, hate on Dan/Shane/Joe plan.
  • Ian is trying to get Joe riled up and increase tensions between Joe and Frank to pop Joe up on Frank's hit list, the hope being that if Frank does win the next HOH he'll put up Dan/Joe or Shane/Joe and keep the Duckies safe.
  • Jenn's real worked up. She was completely blind-sided with the repl-nom, confronted Shane and asked him WTF? He told her he'd heard she was relaying info to Froogie. She told him that he'd just put a huge target on himself. Jenn really doesn't seem to know that she's sure to stay, and actually by going around threatening people, she's putting herself at a bit of a risk.
  • Joe's thinking he's the swing vote, because he doesn't know Ian's really with the Duckies. Froogie also have realized that they need Joe, so they're being super-nice to him, even though they can't stand him.

brit danielle

ashley joe

The question isn't 'is Boogie anywhere near as good a player as Dr. Will?'. Clearly he's not. He tried the manipulation game on Shane, who after all ought to be an easy target to control, and not only did he not get what he wanted, he doesn't even know how he failed. The way Chilltown got through BB7 was by having alliances with everyone in the house and getting them to take each other out while Will and Boogie just sat by and collected the prizes. But Boogie never really saw all the work that Will was doing, never realized how many conversations he was having, and how he was able to flip things around and get people to do something he wanted even if it wasn't necessarily in their best interests. No, the real question isn't is Boogie as good as Will, the real question is, is Dan? If Dan continues to pull off the kind of moves he's been managing so far, he just might win this thing again.


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