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not for nothing

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posted Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Every time there's a lockdown or a room is closed, or a bird flies over, the HGs start to speculate that there's going to be a Pandora's Box or some twist relating to the question mark box in the claw game in the arcade room. Britney has given Shane strict instructions not to open PB if offered because he can't risk unleashing a power that will somehow allow both Frank and Boogie to survive the week. They're also afraid that another coup d'etat is going to come up and save Boogie. Shane says if something happens to overthrow his HOH yet again, he just might walk out. And, to be honest, I wouldn't blame him. And if Boogie does survive, I would seriously consider joining him. But I digress.

hammock shane

The fact is that though BB doesn't do things for no reason, I think we can be pretty sure there isn't going to be a PB or other twist before Thursday. Since we do know there is a Fast-Forward/Double-Eviction on Thursday, there's just not enough time to fit in another storyline on the show. And they've got plenty of story material with the HGs as they are.


Jenn's still freaking out. She's finally started to explain why she doesn't see herself as a perfectly safe pawn. It's not just that no one came right out and told her she's just a pawn. She's also afraid of the power of Chilltown. Or I should say the mythical power of Chilltown. She's convinced that Boogie has "saved himself" many times before and pulled off miraculous moves. Of course she doesn't realize that without Will he's just the janitor. Not that Frank isn't working for him. Frank's out there all day scrounging for votes, but he's no Dr Will and he's certainly no match for Dan's Mist.


Ian is also continuing to play secret agent man. Froogie got a little irritated with him for even talking to the others, and he stood up to them enough to say that he'd play pool with whomever he darn well pleased. Oddly enough this has given Froogie the impression that he doesn't know what he's doing. They're still pretty convinced they've got his vote, but they also consider this offense of not shunning the rest of the house significant enough that they're talking shit about him every chance they get. Today they told Joe that Ian was wishy-washy. Joe immediately went and reported this to Dan/Dani/Brit/Shane for the 5 of them to use as "ammunition" to pull Ian away from Frank later (Joe has *no clue* about the Duckies). Later Joe confronts Ian about it, and Ian tells him it's crap, that Boogie 100% has his vote. Joe's still holding back that the doubt came from Froogie themselves, so Ian got a bit nervous that Joe was suspicious of the Duckies, but one of them (Britney, I think) told him not to worry, that it was just Joe making stuff up.

ian/frank joe

Meanwhile Ashley pulls Joe aside and tells him that she's keeping Boogie and he should too, so they can team up with Froogie and be protected while the Big Boys go after each other. Joe turns around and tells Jenn about this, but promises her that she has his vote no matter what. Jenn seems to believe him. Later on she catches up with Danielle and they have a little bit of a back and forth about whether Danielle "betrayed" Jenn by not giving her a heads' up that she was about to be pawned. Danielle's still going with the position that she didn't know what Shane was going to do, and Jenn comes back with questioning why Danielle said "I'm sorry" after Jenn went on the block. (This is a pet peeve of mine....saying "I'm sorry" could just mean "I'm sorry this happened" not "I'm sorry and I'm responsible for it"...but again, I digress.) Danielle's answer is that she knew Jenn was a possibility but didn't know it was for sure; she thought Joe was going up. (Total lie, but whatever.) Jenn says she knows it was all Dan's doing. Danielle tells her she doesn't quite have her facts straight, but doesn't get too deep into it. She just assures Jenn that Danielle, Dan and Britney are all definitely voting for Jenn to stay.

ashley danielle

Next Jenn catches up with Ashley and tells her about all her various vote chats. She gets Ashley's word that she's definitely keep Jenn, though straight afterwards Ashley runs to Frank and spills all. It seems to me that Ashley is legitimately on team Froogie, which to be fair, is the better choice for her. Or at least it would be if Boogie stood a chance. And since she has no idea that Ian's not on TeamFroogie, she has reason to hope that it's all about Joe. Of course, the problem with that is that Joe's a lost cause too.


By early evening Joe's ready to pull the trigger and tell Froogie he's voting to keep Jenn. He makes one last stop with Ashley, and she says she's "a thousand percent" keeping Boogie. Earlier she'd told Britney she was definitely keeping Jenn, so Joe's going to go with the explanation that Ashley's flipped so many times he can't trust her. The Duckies want him to make the proclamation in front of everyone so Jenn knows that Ashley's been sketchy. They all agree that no matter which way Ashley goes, they can't trust her. Britney also points out that even if Ashley does vote with Frank, he may well assume she didn't when the votes come out 5-2 since he seems sure Ian's solid with Boogie.

frank boogie

So it seems like it's wrap city on Boogie. But you never know. There always could be a flip or a twist. After all, it's only Tuesday.

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