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while you were sleeping

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posted Wednesday, 22 August 2012

So when we last left our happy hamsters, Frank was hard at work on SaveBoogie. It takes 4 votes to Save-A-Hamster this week and Boogie has Frank, and believes he has Ian. Frank has managed to woo Ashley away from her TeamTwits Teamie, and the two of them have been working on Joe so much that he ended up going to the DR with chest pains (he later said they told him it was a panic attack, and his blood pressure was way high).


Since the Duckies are super-solid as an alliance, they can sleep easy knowing Boogie will be gone on Thursday. But that doesn't mean they don't have work to do this week. They'd like to make sure that if anyone other than Frank/Ashley wins HOH, Frank will go up. And if Frank or Ashley does win, they'd ideally like a non-Duckie to be a nom, or at least a repl-nom if the veto comes into play. So, getting Jenn and Joe riled up at Frank and Ashley, and getting Frank and Ashley riled up at Jenn and Joe is perfect for them.

shane dani

Joe had been telling Jenn and the Duckies that Jenn 100% is getting his vote. He'd been telling Froogie that he was still considering things. At one point he commented that in the BB house "maybe" just means "no" later. He did tell Froogie that he'd give them an answer on Tuesday evening. But eventually it got to be Grandpa Boogie's bedtime, and though he'd spent a few hours napping, and it's not like he's working all that hard campaigning for votes, he took to his bed around 10-11 PM.

brit dan

So Boogie was snoozing when Joe broke the bad news to Frank. Frank didn't just take it lying down, and tried to convince Joe that he really would be better off as the third man on TeamFroogie, than as the 5th man on TeamDDBS. Which was actually just more ammunition for Joe to deliver to Jenn. A bit later Ashley pops up to HOH where most of them are gathered and asks to talk to Jenn. Jenn tells her to "suck it." They do end up talking and there are a lot of tears from Ashley. As far as I can tell she never did give any sort of apology for turning her back on Jenn, or try to argue that she'd been lying to Froogie. Jenn did tell her that she would still appreciate her vote, and Ash still has a chance to show her loyalty.

jenn ash

This morning Frank breaks the news to Boogie, and he takes it pretty calmly. They end up on lockdown in the HOH room and Boogie takes the moment to tell everyone that he heard what went down and "it's fine." He tells Joe that he was disappointed to hear that Joe was criticizing him for being in bed rather than out working for himself. (Joe did mention this to Frank as one of his issues with Boogie, though his primary thing was that Ashley's a flake and he's not going to take a risk based on her sticking.) Boogie says that he was trying to be respectful of Joe's health and not bug him and risk raising his blood pressure.

joe boogie

A little later Frank hatches a new plan to try to swing Dan's vote. He's going to pitch that Dan can vote to save Boogie and no one would ever suspect him and then they can begin a super-secret alliance. When Frank does lay this out for Dan, Dan just gives him the patented "uh-huh, thanks" answers. Of course, it's not even an option since Dan knows about Ian. Not to mention he probably trusts Frank about as much as Frank trusts him. It's also a sign of true desperation.


Early this evening they got a practice comp that everyone agrees is probably for HOH number 2 tomorrow, and it's now assumed to be a Fast-Forward/Double-Eviction. Boogie didn't even practice the comp, just ate his dinner alone and then took to his bed.

comp abed

We keep ending up sort of a day behind here at mybbpov since a lot of the action seems to take place during our sleeping time here on the East coast. But though there was plenty of drama last night, the game facts haven't changed. It's ByeByeBoogie time tomorrow, and he seems to have accepted it. It really is just as well for him. He's walking out with as much money as he's going to get without winning, and I think he knows his chances of winning were slim to none anyway. And he does get to go home and get back to his life. But other than that, who knows what tomorrow will bring. If Frank does win the first HOH (and there's a decent shot that will happen) Dan and Shane are both at huge risk. The best thing for drama would be for Ian to win, but I wouldn't count on that happening. No matter what, tomorrow should be action packed. So it's probably a good idea to get some Z's in while we can.

kitten art

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