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a night to remember

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posted Thursday, 23 August 2012

As with all the great BB liveshows, if I try to re-cap everything I'll be typing until next Thursday, so we're just going to have to go with the highlights. We start out with the livefeeders knowing that it's ByeByeBoogie night, but BB wants to keep the TVOVs guessing. They recap only about the first hour of the post-POV meeting drama, when Jenn was super-pissed about being the repl-nom, had no idea she was the pawn, and Froogie were still all about hating on Dan rather than rallying the votes. Of course they can't air the nastiest comments that came from Froogie, especially including Boogie's plan to get Dan going by bringing his wife into it. (Dan did say that was the one thing that would have brought him off the couch.) TVOVs are deprived of all the Joe-vote drama, the new fake alliance of Joe+DDBS, all the Ashley nonsense, and of course the Jenn-flip and "suck it, Ashley."

memwall jenn

But it's okay. We get the votes and Ian whispers to Boogie on the way out that he's not going to like some of what he's about to learn. So Boogie parts with the word that Ian can't be trusted and heads out to chat with Julie. It was one of the best Julie-chats EVER. I'm certainly glad to see the end of Boogie, and the goodbye messages were fantastic. Britney spoofed the Chilltown phone calls well, and Ian was beyond great. Boogie knew he got-got and tipped his hat to the heir apparent. One thing I'll say Ian got right, he did learn from the best. But the best was not Boogie, as implied. It's Dan.


As soon as the show came on I noted that Ian was wearing Dan's Renegade Red headband. I thought that was a tiny bit odd, and with Boogie's parting words I wondered if Ian had been outed behind the trivia before the liveshow and was no longer a secret Duckie. But it soon became clear that no, people are just clueless. Ian can sit there showing his true colors and they still don't catch on. Meanwhile, Ashley was wearing one of Frank's headbands. And Frank was, of course, in Chilltown gear.


So it was out to play HOH which turned out to be before-and-after. Ian owns that game, and Britney told him last night if he lost B-and-A she'd know he'd thrown it. He said he would actually prefer another Duckie win, so he would throw it as long as Frank/Joe/Ash were out. It came down to a tie-breaker between Danielle and Ian. They both went "over" but Ian was closer and won. He later said he was over on purpose, trying to throw it. I'm not sure if that's true or not. But in any case, he stuck to what he'd promised the Duckies and nom'ed Frank and Ashley. He'd originally wanted to nom Shane and Joe and b-d Frank, or kick Joe if Frank managed to get the POV, but Britney/Danielle insisted last night that he nom Frank straight up.

frank brit

So, it's quick-like-a-bunny out to play POV and a race for 4-leaf clovers. Frank must have some Irish in him, or at least the luck of 'em, and he pulls out the veto. So, it's Joe on the block next to Ashley. We then proceed to get the two best SaveMe speeches ever. Ashley's was great because it was just so ridiculous and Julie had to try to shut her up about 3 times before she stopped babbling, even including the line "I'm obviously not articulate." She said about a thousand things, though failed, as Dan pointed out when voting, to ever ask them not to evict her. But entertainment award of the night goes to Joe for his charades style SaveMe "speech." It would have been great from anyone, but from Screamer Joe, it was EPIC!


And, of course, Ashley goes out and has an equally incoherent chat with Julie. She's a great one to go first to jury. By the time she's voting for the winner everything will be a distant memory. She'll spend the next 4 weeks just chillin' in the jury house. For her, it will be a lot like the BB house except she won't have to get up every few days and wander through a comp.


After not too long the feeds came back on and we find Shane/Ian/Brit in the arcade room kind of commiserating, talking about how Frank's mad at Ian, but more mad at Dan because he thinks Dan "tricked" Ian into everything he did. On another feed Danielle is sobbing to Jenn about how she'll never turn on Dan, and she doesn't care what Frank says, and other Danielle drama. I was about ready to declare that Frank must have won the 2nd HOH, when we see that Ian's still got the key. They hadn't played yet, but speculation and scheming were running wild.


Before they did go off to trivialand again, here's what I've got:

  • Ian and Frank have "made up." Ian has Frank convinced that he just made a mistake, that he voted out Boogie because he knew there was no chance and he was trying to protect himself a little with "the other side." Then he claims he got flustered when he won HOH and he feels terrible that he nom'ed Frank, and horrible that Ashley left. Frank seems to totally buy into it and tells him he forgives him that he's really focused on Dan.
  • The reason Danielle is crying is that Frank came to her and tried to tell her that she should abandon Dan, that he's clearly going to "slit her throat" in the end and she'd be better off to come with Frank now. Danielle says she'll never vote against Dan and Frank says "well, if he's gone you'll work with us."
  • "Us" includes Shane/Britney because they're letting Frank think that they're willing to work with him to get out Dan. The idea is to set it up so that if Frank gets HOH he'll nom Dan vs. Joe and they'll kick Joe. It seems like the plan is working, as Frank is telling Ian as well as Brit/Shane that he'll nom Dan & Joe.
  • Britney really wants to win HOH, especially because it's her birthday. Her plan is also to nom Joe vs. Dan as an attempt to backdoor Frank, but even worst case scenario if Frank wins the POV, they'll kick Joe. Pretty much everyone has agreed to throw HOH to Britney. Dan says he's going to fight for it, but if it's the game they got to practice last night, he wasn't that good at anyway

frian cuddle

Then, BBAD comes on and Frank is wearing the HOH key. He tells Joe he's not going up (despite what he said to others earlier). It seems Frank is now telling everyone that he's putting up Dan, and asking for a commitment that they'll vote out Dan. Anyone who won't commit is an option to be his neighbor on the block. It's not clear what he'll do if everyone agrees. Danielle is the most likely to go up against Dan if Frank really sticks to that plan. But the Duckies are still planning to try to get in his ear and get Joe against Dan.

brit shane

Britney and Ian had a little check-in and Brit asks Ian to do whatever he can to keep her off the block. He promises and then she tells him that they really need him to push for Joe to go up. He says he will and then starts going on about how he's taken the heat for Dan twice now and Dan needs to return the favor. I start to wonder what the F he's talking seems to me to be the other way around. Ian does say something about Dan taking the heat once, but Ian taking it twice, so Dan owes him. I guess Ian's talking about voting out Boogie, and then making the noms the QP wanted, but I think it's a little unfair to think of that as "taking the heat for Dan." That was actually just doing your part in the alliance.

britian danibrt

In any case, Dan is almost a guaranteed nom tomorrow. It could be Joe, Danielle or Shane against him. No matter what, nothing really matters until after the POV. As always, we'll know when we know....


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