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dual veto duel

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posted Friday, 24 August 2012

The magic cube in the arcade game finally came to something today. Frank opened Pandora's Box and it unleashed a contest on the house. While Frank was locked upstairs the rest of them tore apart the place looking for quarters to play the claw game. After they had already destroyed half the house, production revealed that they were wasting their time, the quarters were inside game balls which were then pelted at them. Things got pretty rough apparently. Dan elbowed Britney in the face at one point, and Brit bodily threw herself on top of some balls that Joe was also grabbing for. Joe had to ask her to please release his arm, she could have the balls.


Ian ended up winning the prize, which turned out to be a second veto for the week. He's not allowed to play in the POV comp (even if he's nominated, which he could be), but he will be allowed to veto a nomination, and is not eligible to be a replacement nom. Dan realizes that with Ian holding this power, the QP now has a chance. If Dan and Danielle are nominated and Shane or Britney wins the regular veto and saves one of them, and Ian saves the other with the special veto Frank will have to nominate whichever of Shane/Brit did not win the POV against either Joe or Jenn. The QP can then vote out Joe/Jenn. Unfortunately Dan didn't realize this until after he yelled at Ian saying "I'll rat your ass out!" Frank didn't hear it, but Jenn/Joe did.

dan jenn

When Frank heard what Ian had won, he pulls him aside and tells him if he saves Dan, Frank will repl-nom Brit. Ian agrees he's not going to use it. Of course Frank's a bit nervous about Ian. Meanwhile Dan's also nervous that Ian's not going to stick with them. And Britney's starting talking trash about Dan again, saying she can't believe he's "playing for himself" and that he wouldn't help Danielle out during the PB comp. While the Save-All-Duckies plan is exciting and all and would make for great TV, there is something to be said for Dan winning the POV himself.

frank brit

Shane and Britney have been doing a good job of distancing themselves from Dan, so even if Dan does win POV and save himself there's a chance they could talk Frank into repl-noming Joe. They'd still have to promise to vote out Danielle and then flip on Frank at the liveshow. But Shane and Frank have been off-again-on-again buddies all season, and today Frank asked Britney if she'd be his new game-talk buddy now that Boogie's gone. He then proceeded to talk through a plan of possibly nom'ing Ian and Shane as part of a b-d Dan plan, but Brit advised against it and pushed for nom'ing Dan/Danielle.

shane joe

At the moment we're waiting for nom confirmation, but it's pretty much guaranteed to be Dan/Danielle. Dan did have a check-in with Frank, but didn't apply any Mist since at this point he thinks it's actually best for the 2 of them to go up. He just said that he understood what Frank had to do and there were no hard feelings. He then followed up by saying if he did manage to survive the week that Frank shouldn't necessarily assume Dan would come right for him. He said Boogie pulled him aside before leaving and told him Frank was loyal as anything and maybe they could work something out. Frank and Dan then bonded for a bit about how much they like Mike, and then Dan left. He did ask Frank to keep the "not necessarily coming after you" thing quiet, saying if it did happen it was better if the house still thought they hated each other. Sounded like a good backup plan to me, but then Dan went straight to Britney and told her everything he'd said and said it was all just "blowing smoke."


It seems like the Quack Pack is relatively intact, but they're nowhere as solid as the Renegades were. For Dan to survive this week it's going to take a POV, but for the whole alliance to survive it's going to take 2 POVs and a whole lot of Dan's Mist.

mister mist

In other news, they got the midsize table. And the HN alliterative additions are matzos and mozzarella (for lone HN Dan).


Sure enough, feeds come back and it's Dan and Danielle on the block. Dan's kind of perked up, he's making matzos/mozzarella pizza and ready to roll on the dual veto plan. If they pull this off, it could be Replacement Nomination Roulette, 2.0. We're calling it an early night here at mybbpov. If things go well, the next couple of days should be fun....and busy.

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