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posted Saturday, 25 August 2012

They played the POV and it was a bit of a twist on the usual "how bad do you want it?" comp. There was some aspect of identifying drawings, and whoever buzzed in correctly was then told what the associated punishment was and had to chose whether or not to accept it and take the points. It sounds like if you buzzed in but didn't take the punishment you were out of the game. I'm sure I don't have the whole list, but here's what I did catch:

  • Dan's in 24 hr solitary confinement in a "party room" in HN. There's cake, champagne, disco lights, and dance music.
  • Frank's in a carrot suit.
  • Frank can't play in the next 2 HOH comps.
  • Jenn's on slop for the rest of the summer
  • Britney and Danielle are shackled together for 24 hours (sounds like Brit "won" the shackles and picked Danielle to be her buddy)
  • Frank has to take some number of chum baths
  • Jenn gave up/burned her clothes (?)

carrottop partyroom shackled

After all that, Jenn won the POV. There was some talk about Frank being disqualified for talking to Britney. Unlike the talk about possible "cheating" during last week's POV, this hasn't been blocked from the feeds, and I'm not quite sure what to make of that. Britney and Frank both explained away the incident as him trying to get someone else to buzz in on an item and then *not* take the punishment and both said it wouldn't have affected the outcome. But Jenn also made reference to the "incident" giving her a shot to win. Dan also said that he "wouldn't have wanted to win that way" and that he doesn't think Frank was cheating. We'll probably never know what that was really all about.


Dan popped into his solitary room, and declared the music to be the soundtrack of him coming back to life in the game, and wondered how he was going to "spin" things. He's debated aloud whether he can get Jenn to use the veto on him or Danielle, and also considered going to Frank and revealing everything and trying to work a deal with him. I guess that would really be a deal with Frank and Jenn, because it would have to be getting Jenn to use the veto and someone else going up. And Ian would use his veto to save himself, Britney, or possibly even Shane, so it would probably end up being Joe going up. Somehow I don't see Frank and Jenn going for that deal.


Meanwhile Danielle tells Jenn not to use the veto on her because she doesn't want to have to choose between Dan and a repl-nom, which they all figure would be Britney. Jenn checked in with Frank and he explained how he'd told Ian that if he used the golden ball veto, Brit would go up. Jenn doesn't want Britney out, so she's fine with leaving the noms as they are. She's not wild about Joe, but she seems happy enough to have Dan go.


The Quack Pack has pretty much imploded in the past 24 hours. Before the POV when Dan was trying to work the magic plan where Brit/Shane wins POV and saves someone and Ian saves the other, Ian expressed that the "powers that be" didn't want him to do that. Dan got a little heated about this and started suggesting that if Ian doesn't play ball with him, he'll go to the jury house and work his Mist there to make sure the Ian has no shot. Ian really didn't appreciate that, and then to top it off he went and talked to Frank who basically threatened the same thing if Ian does use the power to save Dan, or otherwise screws Frank over one more time.

ian brit

Frank is also working on teaming up with Britney. They've been chatting a lot, and he told her he was going to "give her a gift" of letting her take Boogie's place as his #1 gametalk buddy. He thinks Britney's really tight with Shane so he's including Shane in the pseudo-alliance. In reality, Brit thinks Shane is a huge liability (not to mention she knows she'd never beat him) and she's actually much closer with Danielle, and now Ian, both of whom she has F2 deals with.


Frank has also made F2 almost-deals with both Ian and Jenn. What he actually said to Ian was that he'd want to take someone who hadn't betrayed him, and as long as Ian doesn't screw up again, he'd like to stick together all the way. Later on though, Frank told Jenn that he trusts her more than Ian, since she's never done anything against him.

frank ian

At the end of the day, it doesn't look real good for Dan. But I wouldn't count him completely out just yet. He really might be able to turn 24 hours (or what passes for 24 hours in BB punishment land) alone with his thoughts, and some house music to pump him up, into something. It will take Mist and a Miracle, but if anyone can do it, Dan can. I'll say this much for him: he didn't throw the POV. Britney's annoyed with him for that, but I'd been thinking all morning that if he threw it, he deserved to go. He knew enough to try, and it sounds like he gave it his best shot. So he obviously knows at this point that he can't trust Ian and Britney. The question is can he manage to get out of the spot that working with them put him in.

Dan's Mist

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