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he's good. but how good?

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posted Sunday, 26 August 2012

chum shackles discodan

BB gave them all early release for good behavior from their punishments, freeing Brit/Danielle from shackles, excusing Frank from a number of chum baths, and letting Dan out of mini-Gitmo hours before the 24 hour mark. Dan went into immediate actor-mode. He'd been ignoring the knocks on the door and calls asking if he was okay since about the 2 hour mark, and when he came out he let them all believe he was feeling sick and disoriented. Nurse Danielle diagnosed him with a panic attack, Chef Joe called it low blood-sugar, and Frank commented that the strobe lights would have definitely gotten to him too. But when Danielle left to try to get a DR pass, Dan winked at the camera and let everyone know he was all good.

good carrot top

I'm quite sure this is all part of whatever plan he cooked up in there. As I said yesterday, if anyone can pull this off, Dan can. I'm really not seeing this happening, but you never know. There are 2 POVs in play and a lot of secrets to be spilled. Since Britney's gotten in good with Frank, if she could convince him that even if Dan "gets to Ian" she shouldn't be the one to suffer, he might put up Joe. Dan could also potentially work out a deal with Frank where he actually asks Ian or Jenn to pull down Dan and put up someone. None of this seems terribly's all a matter of how good is Dan?

ian jenn

And even if the noms don't change, there's a remote chance of Danielle getting kicked. This seems even less likely than getting a veto to be used, but there's always a chance. Dan's been particularly chilly towards Danielle and she's convinced he's mad at her. I don't think he is, but after seeing tonight's episode, he should be. It turns out that Danielle's tears when the feeds first came back on Thursday were because of Frank saying that he was planning to nom Dan against Joe, but if they wouldn't commit to voting Dan out, he'd nom one of them against him. How hard would it have been for Danielle to burst into to tears but look Frank in the eye and say as hard as it would be to vote out Dan, she'd do it to stay off the block? For that dodo-brained move alone, she should go this week. But, that's the reason she'll stay. She's such an idiot that the rest of them want her around because she'll be so easy to beat in the end.

shane danielle

After Dan's performance, everyone checks in with each other, and both Jenn and Ian assure Frank they have no plans to use their respective vetoes. Britney also tells everyone that no matter what happens, she and Shane are not going to vote out Danielle. Dan's starting to talk about just having fun his last few days and how he doesn't want things to be awkward. Funny thing is, that's probably true. And he still has a huge amount of power. Sending Dan to the jury this early means sending his Mist. Yet none of them are even slightly working him for his jury vote and influence....yet.

joe brit


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