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replacement nomination roulette, 2.0

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posted Monday, 27 August 2012

I could come up with a better title for today, but let's be honest, that's what it was. In the original replacement nomination roulette, Dan said that in this game, you need to know who's got your back, who's making deals on your behalf. Ollie was his target, but he'd made a deal to stay safe. And the person Ollie most wanted to protect was she got the nomination.

danielle britney

That was 4 years ago. Today, it was Ian whom Dan is really after, but he's got the protection of the powerball veto. However he'd made it very clear that Britney was his top ally, so she got the block. And she was pretty blindsided. When the feeds came back from the meeting, Britney was still in the nomination chair looking shocked. Danielle was beside her doing a very convincing job of carrying out the "I had no idea!" role. Meanwhile Ian was upstairs shouting at Frank and Jenn (mostly Frank). I didn't hear much of it before Frank told Ian that if he couldn't control himself, he could step out of the room. Ian responded with "Thanks, I will, fuckhead!" and stormed out.


Frank and Ian had another run-in downstairs a few minutes later, with Ian saying he can't believe Frank would blindside him and lie to him like that, and Frank sticking with the lines of you-get-what-you-deserve after voting out Boogie and then nom'ing Frank and Ashley and sending out Ashley for no greater sin than being aligned with Froogie. There were a few words exchanged, and the whole thing ended on the great line of Frank saying "Here I am in a carrot suit having a fucking toe-to-toe."

carrot ian

Ian then cracked open his HOH beers and proceeded to down all of them in fairly short order. He got a little tipsy. Frank eventually joined in the drinking (they'd planned a "day drinking party" earlier in the week, and Dan had clued Frank in that Ian planned to use the drunkiness as cover for....something). Before long they were, in Britney's words, "best friends again" and laughing and chilling in the pool, with Dan floating alongside them.

iandan frank

Britney quickly zeroed in on Dan having tossed her under the bus, and pulled Shane and Joe into a fine Dan-hate rant. At first it didn't seem like Ian was blaming Dan at all, just Frank, but eventually I heard Ian mumble that Dan must have sold him out (or something along those lines). Britney, Shane and Joe had a number of choice words for Dan. At first it was nasty, but just a little bit funny. Like Shane saying he hopes Chelsea divorces Dan for what he did. (Seriously?) Shane also suggested burning Dan's Bible, and Britney threatened to go after his Arkansas football t-shirt, and his Memphis hat. Then it got even nastier, and I had to hit the mute button. (Ironically I was reminded last night that Ollie/Michelle/Jerry went on a similarly offensive rant after RNR1.0. And in all fairness BB10 was much worse. The comments today were personal and out of line in my book, but not the disgustingly offensive stuff we've heard before.)

rant robot

I did try to listen whenever Britney was talking directly to Dan. There was a really funny bit where she was sitting in the kitchen and he was going back and forth to the storage room. Jenn was also sitting at the counter, and when Dan was out of earshot Britney would take major jabs at him. When he'd get into the room she'd soften it a bit and say things like "did your room smell okay after I cleaned it for you last night, and was your bed I made for you comfortable?" (Dan had earlier mentioned to Frank that he saw through Britney's "kindness" to him last night as a blatant play for his jury vote. Brit's also already started throwing around jury vote threats.) Dan tells Britney he appreciates what she did for him yesterday, and if she needs anything from him, he'll be happy to oblige. But he's under the impression she's mad at him, so he's trying to give her space, and says they can talk whenever she wants.

dan brit

After a few hours Britney does sit down one on one with Dan and says that she'll apologize for the things she's been saying all day. He tells her he actually wishes he could have heard; it was probably funny. She's also finally come around to the very logical point that it makes sense that when Dan realized they were all fine with him being evicted that he didn't just roll over and die. He made a move and it worked, and she can respect that. She says she can't really campaign against Danielle, but she also regrets not fighting to stay in BB12. Earlier Brit had told Ian that she wasn't going to campaign for herself, but he should feel free to do so on her behalf. It actually is a smart move. Britney really can't go directly at Danielle, but if someone else does it she has a shot to stay. The only thing I'll say is that letting someone else do your campaigning didn't work so well for Boogie last week. Also, Danielle has Dan on her side, whether anyone realizes it or not.


Which brings us to the votes. Dan and Jenn are 100% voting for Danielle to stay. Ian is 100% on TeamBrit. Joe has made passionate promises to go both ways. Shane has a F2 deal with Danielle, and honestly is closer with her than Britney, but he's also easily swayed. However, I think that's why Dan will probably be able to get to him in the end.

joe shane

At the moment Dan is letting most everyone, and in particular Shane and Joe, continue to believe that he was really mad at Danielle about the POV. And they're still really upset at him for upsetting her so much at the "funeral." They all see now that it was part of a plot to run upstairs and team up with Frank, but they haven't figured out that Danielle's in on it at this point. Danielle, of course, is playing the tragic heroine to the hilt. She's even managed to come down with some horrible rash/hives/something and has been milking it for all it's worth in the sympathy department all day.


And through it all Jenn's getting by unscathed. In fact, you may notice that it was her veto that made this all possible, but no one is mentioning her name. Well, Shane did call her a bitch at one point, but it was almost an afterthought. And after he said it Britney asks "why? what did she do now?" Frank and Dan are taking all the heat, which is somewhat fair. But don't think Jenn's not playing. She does continue to be the invisible houseguest, but in a brand new way. She's in good with everyone, has a few decently solid F2 deals, or almost-deals, and is part of the reasonably strong alliance with Dan/Danielle/Frank.


P.S. I've decided to dub the deal between Shane and Joe the Comic Relief Alliance. Watching either of these 2 trying to figure out how to play the game, listening to them discuss strategy and knowing everything they don't know (not to mention what they do know and either forgot or are lying about) is fabulous comic relief. Joe seems to honestly believe that he and Shane have a rock solid deal, when in fact Shane is just stringing him along. They seem to think they get to make up their own mind about whether to team up with Ian this week and save Britney, or make a deal with Frank and keep Danielle/kick Brit. The truth is that Dan will probably Mist them into their decision as much as anything. But it sure is fun to watch them to try to think.

shane comic joe

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