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houseguests in the mist

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posted Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Absolutely nothing is going on in the BB house today. Last night, after Ian broke the bad news to Britney she started asking BB for a booze delivery, and they obliged. The HGs got 1 bottle of wine and 6 beers. The wine immediately went to Britney, and after some extensive negotiations, all the beers went to Ian. The 2 of them got quite toasted. Drunk Britney is hysterical, but drunk Ian, not so much. Ian made a few comments he really shouldn't have, including "if Joe's wife looks like his tatoo, he must have stock in Viagra" (and I do believe Joe was right there when he said it, though maybe not) and when talking about how long he's wanted to play BB he said "I've wanted to be here since before planes went into towers."

joe's back ian

That last one got him in the most trouble, of course. It was said in front of nearly everyone, including Jenn. Frank immediately said that was uncalled for. Jenn just shook her head and walked away, going outside and muttering that she was gonna kill him. In the morning-after aftermath, Ian did pull Jenn aside and sort of apologize. He said it was taken wrong, he was sorry, and he didn't mean any offense, it was just a turning point in history. Jenn said she knows it was a turning point. She said she appreciated the apology, though she technically didn't accept it. Ian asked if they could "hug it out" and Jenn said that given that she knows he wants her out of the house, they could "shake it out." Ian said, well, nothing personal, and he knows she wants him out too, and that's nothing personal either. She didn't respond. I think it might be a little personal.

shake it out

I'm not going to be too harsh on Ian for what he said. It wasn't offensive, per se, just insensitive. And it was a stupid, drunken comment. The fact is he really is just too young to get it. Ian was only 10 years old when the 9/11 attacks happened, and when you're a kid, you just don't process things the same way as you do when you're an adult. And as I was thinking about it, I realized that other than Jenn and Joe, all the HGs were, at best, teenagers in 2001. Ian kept saying his comment was "taken the wrong way," which just proves he doesn't even get what the problem is. There wasn't a right or wrong way to take what he said. The problem is that he made an off-hand comment, treating something that was intensely tragic with the same significance as a fashion trend.

ian jenn

But back to the game. They've been on indoor lockdown since about 4AM, so everyone is pretty convinced tomorrow's HOH will be endurance. It might well be an epic battle, but then again, maybe not. Britney and Ian had a little chat this afternoon about what he would do if he wins HOH. She's telling him to go after Frank and Jenn, and then deal with Dan later. They both agree that Dan Misted everyone to get himself off the block, and screwed them in the process, but they also both see it as a brilliant game move. Brit told Ian to go ahead and try to repair the remains of the Quack Pack without her, but to slash Dan's throat as soon as he was done with Frank and Jenn.


Everyone is convinced that if Danielle wins she'll put up Frank and Dan. What's more likely is that she'll put up Frank and Ian and tell her various alliances that one or the other is the target, and the other is the pawn/diversion. I would say she'd throw the comp, but she's so high on herself as an endurance competitor that she might not. She really should throw it because she's not in any danger personally, and she can let the various alliances fight amongst themselves.


If Dan wins he'll probably nominate Frank and Ian, and replace either with Joe if the POV is used. It seems that the alliance with Frank is legit so if Ian comes down, Joe would go. I'm not even sure if Dan will try to play off things with Ian or just straight up admit he's after him. I caught a brief conversation between the two of them today, where Ian was crying over Brit leaving. Dan was telling him not to be too upset, all things happen for a reason, everyone has to leave, etc. Dan then left the room saying he had to use the bathroom, and Ian asked if he was coming back. He said yes, and did stop back in, but quickly left and found other people to talk to. It struck me that Dan's clearly legitimately over ever working with Ian.


If Shane wins, I'm not sure what will happen. He thinks he's in a for-real alliance with Frank and Joe, and Frank would tell him to put up Dan and Ian. But if Ian convinces him that the fractured Quack Pack should work together, he might talk him into putting up Frank and Jenn. I think Danielle's marching orders from Dan/Frank are to get Shane to put up Dan and Ian. But if Danielle's supposed to be working with Ian, she might not be able to sell that, so she might go with Dan and Joe (remember, Danielle's supposed to keep Shane convinced that she's super-pissed at Dan). Oddly, if Shane wins HOH, he might require some Misting. If Dan ends up having to make a move where he convinces the HOH to nominate him in order to really get out someone who is aligned with the HOH, that's going to be just one more point in favor of Dan being the Best Ever.


If Jenn wins HOH, I'm pretty sure she'll put up Ian and Joe. I don't think she's real likely to win, but it could happen. And I think Joe has only a slightly better chance of winning HOH this week than I do. If it really is the kind of endurance comp they all think--one of the smashing into walls type of things--he might well be out before the feeds come back on.

jenn joe

So basically, Dan has them all Misted. He pulled a move this week that made everyone in the house hate him for 5 minutes. Then he flipped about half of them around to not hating him, but still pretending to, so the ones that still hate him don't know things have flipped. He's got a decent shot to win HOH this week and get out the one person he really wants gone. And even if he doesn't win, there's a good chance his top target will go anyway. And furthermore, even if he's on the block next Thursday, there's an excellent chance that he'll be against someone he'll stay over.


The show tonight was pretty good. It was fun to see how the POV comp actually played out. And the overview of Dan's Big Move was fun to watch. Nowhere near as much fun as it was to watch it play out for real on the feeds, but it was a reasonable catch-up for the TVOVs. While watching the show I couldn't help but think how much less stressful it would be to watch only the show. If you're rooting for Dan and watching the feeds you had to spend about a day and a half worried about what was going to happen. If you only watch the show you had to spend about 20 minutes in that suspense. But it is also a million times more fun to see it all play out on the feeds.


Seeing the DRs filled in a few gaps. We now know that Dan's deal with Frank is completely for real. I was pretty sure about that, but not certain. On top of that, his emotion before the Solitary Dance Party also seems to be completely legit. Going in there he really wasn't sure how or if he was going to get out of the situation. But after a day to think it through, he had a plan. And it worked better than I think he even imagined. At the end of the day, even if you hate him, you have to admit it was a damn fine move.


Line of the Day

BB: I realize English can be a difficult language to master, but STOP means STOP!
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