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posted Thursday, 30 August 2012

Though it seemed like she had given up by yesterday, Britney came alive and made a valiant effort at some last minute campaigning to stay in the house. She told someone that this was advice she had heard from Evel Dick. Make them think you've rolled over and died, and then spring back up at the last minute. If she'd had all the facts, she might have had a chance. But not knowing about all the secrets and lies that have run through the house the last few days, she was pushing all the wrong buttons.

brit paintface

With Dan she tried the "Danielle won't forgive you, and even if she would, why would you want to work with someone you've said you can't trust?" Since the whole falling out between Dan/Danielle is an act, that wasn't going to work. She also talked a lot about going after Frank, and since Dan's got a deal with the carrot, that didn't work either. With Joe she tried the opposite approach, that Danielle will go back to Dan and he'd be the odd man out. Britney made the most headway with Joe, though he did turn around and tell Frank everything she had said. Frank then reported to Dan. With Shane, Brit tried the approach of "you and Dani will be targeted, but if I stay, it will be me and Ian. And even if you do get nom'ed against me you'd probably stay over me, but not over Danielle." Shane confronted her on her F2 deal with Ian, which she denied. He told her he'd heard it direct from Ian, and she said she didn't know why he'd say that. But that pretty much put the nail in her coffin with Shane, and since Joe was going to go with whatever his Comic Relief Alliance partner did, she was cooked.

dan shane

The funniest part of the whole day was that everyone was running around having different conversations, and Dan was just laying in the arcade room. Yet every single person except Joe stopped in at one time or another to fill him in on what was going on. It was like he was the Godfather or something. He got tons of information from them all, including everyone's top 3 targets. After hearing that Ian's target list was Frank, Jenn, Joe, he turned to the camera and said that he might just have to throw HOH to Ian. Dan also had a little talk with Danielle about how to get back into Shane's good graces. Last night Danielle finally told Shane that the falling out with Dan was an act. Today D/D agreed that Dan would apologize to Shane, and then propose an F3 deal of Dan/Danielle/Shane, but play it off like he hadn't said anything to Danielle. The idea being to make Shane feel like he's the one bringing the threesome together. Joe was running around telling everyone who is targeting Frank that he's not sure if he wants Frank or Dan out more, and everyone who was targeting Ian, he was telling he's not sure if wants Ian or Dan out more. Dan knows that he's higher on Joe's target list than on anyone else's, so that just makes Joe a big target for Dan.

shane joe

Even while campaigning for Britney Ian told Dan that regardless of whether Brit stays or not, Ian really wants to re-unite whatever's left of the QP. He says that he has always been true to that alliance, and he knows that Dan has always said that "his first word is good." I think Ian also truly understands what Dan did as being a game move. When none of the QP won the POV, one of the 5 of them was going to be leaving the house, and Dan just did what he had to do to make sure it wasn't him. Ian doesn't see it as an attack on Ian/Britney, but that's only because he hasn't quite figured out exactly how hard Dan threw him under the bus to Frank. But, at the end of the day, Dan made sure that going into HOH no one who was likely to win was likely to nominate him. Or at least if they were likely to nominate him, he is trying to negotiate things so he would be against someone he could actually stay over.


Of course, despite Britney's efforts, she was a sure thing to go, and we knew that she knew as soon as we saw her in her pretty pink dress. She made a great little speech (I actually thought the Jerry/Judas reference was pretty funny), and then went out and had her nice little Julie chat. I don't think she really feels at the moment that she proved anything this season, but in retrospect, she probably will. This time around she lost out because one of the best ever BB players had to make a move to save himself, which is way better than getting played by 3 ding-dongs who just strung her along for the whole season. Speaking of the Bro-gade, their little appearance on the show was kind of nice. Well timed, with Britney's exit and definitely helps her fan sympathy factor (it wouldn't shock me if she repeats on the Fav. HG). [And, yes, I know that the Brogade is really 4, but I still say the way the rest of the shanked Matt means he doesn't have to be associated with whatever they did going forward. And he wasn't part of the Britney shanking. In fact, the other 3 maneuvered her into getting him out.]


So then it was out to play HOH and spin around on a tried and true BB apparatus. The comp was sort of a combination of the BB11 diploma smacking and the BB9 stripper poles. (Combo b/c in BB9 they weren't wacked with anything that I recall, and BB11 they were sitting, not standing, on the disks.) As I predicted, Joe was down before the feeds came back, in fact he was down before the show ended. That earned him the Twitter Spam #bbpunishment which turned out to be Hula Hoop Boot Camp. He has to Hula Hoop anytime he hears certain music for the next 24 hours (recall the BB12 puppet dancing). Jenn was also down before the show ended.

hoh dan

After the feeds came back on, the remaining 4 were still spinning but Danielle didn't last long. She jumped off 40 minutes in, saying she was going to throw up, and then proceeded to do just that. We've already had several replays and questions about who saw/heard it, etc. Dan came down about 2 minutes later, also saying he felt sick. I really couldn't tell if Dan was for real, or throwing the comp. As I said, he'd mentioned throwing it to Ian earlier in the day, and he'd discussed with Frank possibly throwing it to Shane, so Dan could play next week. Whatever the case, he's definitely presenting it to the rest of the HGs as he was legitimately trying.

dani dan

We then proceeded to have a great deal of silliness. For about an hour and 20 minutes after Dan came off, it was just Ian and Shane. Shane was clearly uncomfortable, and probably had no shot of winning. Ian seemed pretty solid. Shane ought to know he's 100% safe with Ian, not to mention the fact that Shane has some sort of deal with literally every single person in the house. With all those deals, who the heck was he going to nominate? After about an hour of pointless spinning, Shane asked the bystanders to step inside so he and Ian could negotiate. As soon as they were out of earshot, Shane asked if he and Dani were safe, Ian assured him, yes, no nomination, no replacement. Ian also said that as far as he was concerned the Quack Pack was still in place. So Shane dropped down and Ian declared a victory, dedicated to Britney.

shane ian

I'm not exactly sure who Ian is going to nominate. I've heard him talk about Jenn/Frank a lot and I think Frank is his true target. There's also been talk about Dan/Frank or Jenn/Joe, with a hope to b-d Frank. Earlier in the day Frank did have a little check-in with him where he suggested that maybe they could get past what happened, and Ian said he'd consider all options, but kind of blew him off. I think what will probably happen is Dan will try to Mist him into nom'ing Frank vs. Joe, or let him nom Frank vs. Jenn and fight for the POV. If Frank wins POV try to get Joe up, or if Dan wins it, he can "repay" Jenn for last week and save her. If that happens Ian would pretty much have to nom Joe or break his word to Danielle/Shane, which I don't see him doing.

shane sidelines

I think Ian was really affected by the lines in his last HOH letter about behaving himself and not doing anything he'd regret. When he first got the letter he seemed to take it to heart in the sense that he shouldn't have backstabbed Boogie. But at this point I think he's thinking that what he shouldn't have been doing was playing both sides, and since he's targeted Frank and now Frank's struck back, he needs to just stick with the QP. (I'm 100% speculating here about what he's thinking, but he definitely got emotional when he read those lines and I've seen him re-reading the letter a couple of times, including yesterday right before talking about keeping the QP together.)


Late breaking developments....apparently the "real F2" deal between Frank/Dan is not so real anymore. Now that Ian's HOH, Dan's back on the QP train and checks in with Danielle, confirming that if Frank's on the block come Thursday, they'll vote him out. Danielle had a similar conversation with Jenn about whom they would keep between Joe and Frank (Ian told/hinted to Danielle that's whom he will nom), and they agreed to keep Joe. In other news, Joe's the worst Hula Hooper ever.



Lines of the Day

Britney: I don't have enough time or a big enough ego to host my own funeral.
Britney: As a very wise old man once said, 'you'll always be Judas to me!'
Shane: You gonna put me up?
Ian: I'm thinking.
(me: Seriously?)
Ian: Good, I get to use that nomination speech I worked out.
Ian: It's for Brit! 
Shane: That's such an attraction when the girl can sing.
(me: Please don't let Dani hear that, we'll be in the fish tank forever) 
Dan: If you're responsible for pushing that button [for the hula-hooping] you love your life.
Frank to Joe: You look like a drunk guy hula-hooping.
Danielle on Britney: I love her to death, I'm not trying to talk shit, but oh my gosh!
(me: implying 'How dare she campaign! She got evicted, poor me!')
Danielle: Shane's in this bed, but I think Dan's trying to get him out and get him to sleep with me.
(me: Uh, yeah, it's all Dan's idea.)
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