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jessie's little surprise

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posted Friday, 31 August 2012

I'm going to try to keep it short tonight (though every time I say that I end up writing a novella anyway). They've already picked POV players and may well be playing the comp late tonight, but there's not a whole lot to report until we have POV news.

ted lucky

To quickly sum up where we are, the Quack Pack reunited last night and the plan is to nominate Jenn and Frank, which Ian did earlier this evening. They are then hoping that a QP'er wins the POV so they can "keep their options open." If Frank or Jenn wins the POV the plan is for Joe to be the replacement nom. If Joe wins POV and uses it, Dan would have to be the repl-nom, since Ian promised Shane/Danielle safety.

hula dani

After the POV drawing, it's everyone but Shane playing. Joe checks in with Ian and promises that if he wins, he won't use it. Downstairs, Dan and Danielle have a little jumping/hugging celebration, and confirm to each other that they plan to vote out Frank if he stays on the block, and if he comes down and Joe goes up, they'll vote out Jenn. After Dan leaves the room, Danielle has a tiny little camera talk, and surprises me by continuing to talk about voting out Jenn. I figured that was the one deal she'd really want to stick with since ending up in the Final 2 with Jenn is actually Danielle's best chance of winning. But Dan may have her so well misted that she doesn't get this. She also mutters to herself that she hopes she never has to choose between Dan and Shane.

danielle prayers

There have been so many deals, promises, plans and conversations that I'm not even going to try to trace them all out at this point. Until last night I believed Dan/Danielle were really loyal to Jenn/Frank, but for the last 24 hours, they've been all about the QP. Then today Dan was talking to Frank and Jenn and Frank was trying to get some assurance out of Dan that they were all good. Dan was saying sure, but wasn't being real convincing. Frank seemed suspicious and I kept thinking that no matter what Dan should at least try to appear loyal, and saying something, anything, to reaffirm their deal. But then for an unrelated reason, I happened to be reading over some BB10 mybbpov posts and I realized that the way Dan's acting now is exactly how he acted with Memphis back then. Worked well enough for him the first time around. The difference is that in BB10 he clearly had one top ally. This time around it looks like he's got about 6.

dan shane


In other news, and getting to my title, finally, Ian opened Pandora's Box. Apparently it was some sort of "Christmas in the Summer" theme and he got a bunch of toys, pool floaties, legos, sea-monkeys, magic rocks, etc. Meanwhile the house got Zippy the Pinhead (aka BB10/11 Jessie) coming and telling them they all should eat more healthy food. Apparently he cleaned out all their regular food and left them a bunch of "organic" stuff. It's possible Ian also got some sort of power from PB, but probably not. It's probably just a typical "fluff" PB.


Since they picked players already, and they can hear BB building outside, the HGs are all convinced it's going to be a nighttime POV and they're resting up at the moment. It's quite possible that they're right, and if it is a nighttime comp, it's quite possible that it will be morph-o-matic.


But that's all for now.

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