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posted Saturday, 1 September 2012

Despite all the speculation, POV did not take place last night, or even early this morning. They went off behind the trivia around the typical time, and the feeds came back about 3 hours later to Dan pacing in the HOH room.... and WEARING THE VETO!!!

pov pacing

Today is Dan's birthday, and that POV necklace is an excellent gift. He also gets big thanks from me for being the first one this season to wear the veto for a good while after the comp, letting me get my screencaps. The comp was OTEV, which was what I was originally guessing, but Danielle (of all people) had me convinced it wasn't because she pointed out that it's never been played with more than 6 people still in the house. Of course, there have never been this many people still in there this late in the season, so I should have stuck with my instincts. Listening to them talk, we learn that the order out of the comp was Danielle, Ian, Joe, Jenn, Frank and Dan. That will make for excellent TV come Wednesday. The theme had something to do with tarring and feathering, and there was also hay and corncobs. They were all filthy when the feeds came back, and there was quite a line for the showers. (Which raised a random question in my mind. In weeks where there are no Have-Nots, why doesn't BB just turn on the hot water for the second shower? My guess is that it broke 3 years ago and that's why they decided to turn "cold showers" into part of the whole HN experience... but I digress.)


After everyone was all showered and shiny and new, the gametalks got going. The other night Dan made an offer to Ian of Renegades 2.0, Final 2, and Ian told him they'd talk after POV. Dan asked again last night what his hesitation was, and Ian said nothing really, it was looking "likely" but he still kind of put it off. When the feeds come back after POV Dan and Ian were alone in HOH and from their convo it's clear that they've made the F2 deal. Don't think Dan didn't notice that Ian put him off until he knew Dan wasn't an option to boot this week. But at this point they are agreeing that it's Duckie Alliance to F4 if possible, but if they have to loose a Duck, they protect each other above Danielle/Shane. Dan also tells Ian that he must NEVER tell anyone they have an F2 deal, and if it doesn't work out and either goes to jury, they have to campaign for the other, even if they end up with another QP'er in the end. In other words, when Dan maneuvers Ian out, Ian's job is to go to jury and help Dan win. Mainly by getting Britney's vote.

ian dan

Next Dan stops in and talks to Frank. He tells him he obviously can't veto Frank, but he could veto Jenn. Frank then brings up, what if Ian puts up Shane or Danielle instead of Joe. He asks if Dan would still vote to keep him over Shane/Danielle. Frank's actually more interested in possibly getting Shane out, but he's more worried about being against Danielle. Dan says he'll talk with Ian and try to get a sense of repl-noms, and asks Frank if Ian's leaning toward putting up Danielle, should he just leave noms the same and let Jenn go. This is all a way of getting Frank to say "sure, Kill Jenn" so Dan can report this back to her later.


Dan then has a quick check-in with Danielle, and mentions that Frank asked Dan for his vote in the event he ends up nominated against Danielle. Dan said he told Frank yes, but Danielle doesn't need to worry because a.) she's not going up, and b.) it was a lie anyway. Danielle asks why Frank wants her nominated, and Dan says "no, no, he just meant if."


Next stop is back up with Ian. They run through all the possible scenarios, including vetoing Frank. Dan says vetoing Frank would obviously be the least likely, but they still cover it. Ian's initially leaning toward leaving noms the same and kicking Frank, so he doesn't have to piss off Joe. Dan, of course, wants to veto Jenn, so he can build more trust with her and cover himself some with Frank (jury vote). He fairly easily talks Ian around to agreeing with him by laying it out as Dan will go to Jenn and say "Ian doesn't want me to use the POV, but I'm not going to let him manipulate me. I'm going to save you, and I think he'll put up Joe." This way though Jenn is mad at Ian, she's indebted to Dan. So if she wins HOH the idea is she might nom Ian, but not against Dan. Meanwhile, Ian is supposed to cover with Joe and say he's trying to get Dan not to use the veto, but if he does, Joe will have to go up since Shane/Danielle are safe and Dan has the veto. But Ian can promise Joe that even if he goes up, Ian will make sure he has the votes to stay, and if it's a tie, keep him. That way, sure, Joe's pissed at Dan, but he's indebted to Ian. Again, if Joe wins HOH he'll probably nom Dan, but not Ian.


The comic relief alliance makes an appearance in the middle of Dan and Ian's chat, when Shane stops in. He asks what's going on and they explain the plan. Ian had just finished telling him that he and Danielle are still safe because of the post-HOH deal when Shane comes out with "I'd be fine with going up as a pawn." Dan and Ian both basically ignore that since it's the dumbest statement ever. They talk a little bit more and agree that Shane should go back downstairs and just say that he was making sure he's not going up as a replacement. Shane says he'll tell everyone he's safe because of the deal. Ian says "and Danielle too." Shane doesn't want to say Danielle because he's still afraid of being labeled a "pair." (Dan and Britney both warned Shane to be careful about this in like week 2, when it mattered). Ian tells him that ship has pretty much sailed, and get over it. Shane leaves, reiterating that he'd be fine with being a pawn, and says "maybe Danielle would be too... well, maybe not." Ian shuts him down saying it doesn't matter, he's not doing it, because he doesn't want to look like he doesn't keep his promises. If it were anyone else I'd say Shane was trying to deliberately throw Danielle under the bus and get her out without it being his fault and preserve his dudes-deal with Frank and Joe. But Shane's an idiot, and there's no way he came up with a plan that sophisticated.


So, Dan and Ian go off and have their respective conversations with Jenn and Joe. The best part of the Jenn/Dan one is that Jenn tells him that Danielle just came to her and said Frank is trying to get Danielle nominated. Dan is (I think) legitimately taken aback, but uses this as a reason to "consider" not keeping Frank. What I doubt Dan realizes is that he's the one who inadvertently started this particular rumour. In Danielle's World, Frank asking about what would happen if Danielle gets nominated equates to "he's trying to get me put up." Dan asks Jenn whom she would vote out if it's Frank vs. Joe and she says Joe. He then asks if she'd be upset if Frank ends up going, and she says not really. She says she's more loyal to Danielle, and if Dan saves her, he has her gratitude as well. Dan continues to play the "Danielle's mad at me, you need to help me repair that" card to Jenn.


The Ian/Joe convo gives us Comic Relief again (the great thing about the CRA is that they can provide amusement as a group and as individuals). Ian explains that he's pushing Dan not use the veto, but in case Dan pulls another crazy move and feels the need to repay Jenn for last week, Joe will have to go up. But he assures Joe he's 100% safe against Frank. Joe then starts trying to gametalk, explaining that Shane/Danielle are a pair, and Dan has no one anymore, so he's probably trying to convince Jenn to team up with him by saving her with the veto. Joe then points out that this means that he and Ian really should pair up. Ian gives him a "yeah, yeah, yeah" type of answer. Then the comedy really gets rolling as they start talking about upcoming comps and Joe says that with Frank gone he'll start winning physical comps. (I guess he's been holding back so far.) Joe also tells Ian that if he (Joe) wins HOH, his plan is to nominate Jenn and Dan, in order to get Dan out. Ironically, this is exactly what Dan wants him to do.


I'm still not going to try to play track the deals, I'll just say that Dan owns them all. The only person who is really hard-core after him is Joe, and since he's managed to convince Joe that Danielle hates him, that's the last person he'll end up nom'ed against. And that's the way he wants it. While he would sacrifice Danielle if he absolutely had to, he really wants to get to the end with her. And he's positioned them both so well, he just might pull it off.

hug trueallies

Lines of the Day

Dan:  This right here is the ticket to finally getting Frank out of the game.
Joe: With Frank gone, I can win the physical ones [comps].
(me: <spit-take>)
Dan (about Frank): He doesn't even know what's gonna hit him.
Shane: I don't mind going up as a pawn.
Dan to Jenn: I want you to know, I know it's hard to trust me. But the way I play, if you're in with me, you're in. If you are not... you should be scared.
Dan to Jenn: I will never forget what you did for me, my ass was gone. I will be repaying that debt until end of this game.
Ian to Joe: He (Dan) didn't seem sheisty, but you know the Mist.
Dan: I can't use it on you, obviously.
Frank: I understand.
Ian: Messing with Danielle, the American pastime.
Ian: I could put Osama bin Laden up against Frank at this point, and Frank would still go.
Jenn: I really want to trust Dan.
Danielle: If he does this for you, will you?
Jenn: Hands down.
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