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first and final deal

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posted Sunday, 2 September 2012

I'm a tiny bit tired of my blog entries being all about Dan, but he's owning them all in there. Back when the QP was formed, Dan reassured Ian that he would be true to it by saying that his first word is always good. No one seemed to worry about the fact that the QP wasn't his first deal. Before that he had a deal with just Brit/Dani/Shane, and before that with just Danielle. And, of course, before any of that, as he himself said on the show tonight, his true deal is with himself, his wife and his family.


Today, Ian pulled Dan aside and laid out a "master plan" that he calls Operation Floaters Grab a Lifevest. I originally thought this was going to be a Safe Frank plan, but in reality, they're all acting as if Frank is as good as gone. OFGL was actually about ensuring that if Jenn or Joe wins HOH they will each nom the other. Even if they think they have another target, the QP can evict the floater. Since Ian has "a fake F2" deal with Joe, he's already gotten Joe's word that he would nominate Dan and Jenn. Ian wants Dan to use the POV as leverage with Jenn to "convince" her to nominate Joe if she wins.

ian joe

Funny thing is that Dan's already had this convo with Jenn and she told him she'd nominate Ian vs. Joe. Ian, however, thinks she'd put up him and Shane. Dan's not letting on that he knows better because to do so would reveal that he's in better with Jenn than he's supposed to be. He also used the conversation to get more info out of Ian, like who Ian thought would go between himself and Shane, why Joe would believe an F2 deal with Ian, and who Ian would vote for in jury under various scenarios. Dan walked out with tons of good info, without giving up anything. And, in truth, if Jenn wins HOH I think Dan would actually like her to nominate Shane versus Ian so that one of them could go, without getting any blood on Dan's hands.


It's otherwise been a pretty nothing day. They cleaned the bathroom, and just lazed around. The current plan for the week is for Dan to veto Jenn tomorrow, but they are telling everyone that Ian was against it, and that Dan lied to him saying he wasn't going to do it. Ian will be "forced" to nominate Joe. There's also been some discussion of Dan throwing his vote to Frank, to force a tie and let Ian kick Frank. Ian likes getting full credit for booting such a big threat. Frank's pretty comfortable that he's got all the votes against Joe. But don't think there won't be some campaigning going on for the rest of the week. It is only Sunday, things could change.

cleaner frank

But whatever happens, Dan is just in a crazy good position. He's got a solid F2 deal with Danielle. He's now pitched F3 deals with himself and Danielle to both Shane and Jenn. In both cases, he told them that they need to be one to bring in Danielle because she's "still so mad at him about the funeral." In both cases, they seem to buy it, and in both cases, they both already have their own F2 deal with Danielle, so they think this is brilliant for them. Dan's also now got an F2 deal with Ian. Basically, he's gotten himself into a position where no one will nominate him against Danielle, and if he's nominated against anyone else, he'd win the vote. And his number one ally, Danielle, is safe with everyone.

danielle dan

The only comment I have on the show is that they really need to stop bringing back Zippy the Pinhead. We don't love to hate him, we just hate him. It's not funny that he keeps coming back, it's just lame.


Lines of the Day

Ian: You have to understand Dan, we're playing this game with morons.
Shane: I've never been so bored in my whole life as these past frickin' two and a half months.

Lines of the Show

Dan:  If I have to stab everyone in the back to get to the end, that's what I'll do.
Joe: I got 4 kids and I know you're all laughing at Daddy. I'm gonna whup your butts when I get home if you're still laughing.
Joe: Maybe America was in a good mood this week.
Ian: I really want to reach out to Dan, because I still feel like I can trust him.
Dan: At the end of the day, where does my loyalty lie? With one person: myself.
Ian: Bismuth is probably one of my favorite elements.
Ian: Adult supervision required. Might have problems with that.
Danielle: Pandora's Box can suck it. I frickin' hate that box.
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