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posted Tuesday, 4 September 2012

So says Dan to Danielle. And it's pretty much true. Between the two of them, they are in the center of all the alliances (save, of course, the Comic Relief Alliance). They each have close relationships with several people, and where one is lacking, the other one covers. They also seem to have true loyalty to each other. Last night, Dan got a promise out of Danielle that she wouldn't backstab him. He didn't promise her the same, but I really don't think he will. He's in a very similar position to where he was at the end of BB10. Even if there is someone left he'd have an easier time beating, if he stabs his #1 ally, he'll look like such a total douche he'd lose major points with the jury. And this time around, he has the added pride factor of coaching someone to the end.


Nothing's really changed, so we're going to take the day off here at mybbpov. Frank did talk to Danielle this morning, working on her vote, and also mentioned that she'd be better off at the end with him than Dan or Shane, but he knows she can't stab either of them, so he offered to do it for her. He told her some of what Dan told him in the post-funeral convo about why he was supposedly mad at Danielle, she feigned interest, but later on turned around and told both Dan and Shane everything that had been said, just firming up the Kill Frank plan.

ian jenn

In other news, Dan continues to push the Shane/Danielle showmance, which I've come to believe serves several ends for him. One, it makes them a pair for everyone else to target. Two, by pushing it rather than mocking it, he gets in better with Danielle because it flatters her. But most importantly, I think he's well aware that Shane's just not that into her, and will continue to shut her down. And the more that happens the less likely Danielle is to end up turning on Dan and sticking with Shane. Also, he finally got them to share a bed, which I think he did as much as anything else so he could stop having to share with Shane.

shane danielle

There's still a little back and forth on whether the Duckie Alliance will force a tie-breaker on Thursday, and where Jenn's vote will go, so I've stopped trying to keep track of votes. But it still looks like Frank's off to jury no matter what. Joe's so confident in Shane/Danielle and Ian's tie-breaker that though he did work on Jenn a little, he's said he's not even going to talk to Dan.

frank joe

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