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frank, my dear, you don't have dan

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posted Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I know I've already played with that line for a title, but this time it actually makes sense. Both Frank and Joe put in some time today on the campaign trail. It's a good thing Joe's already a lock to stay, because he sucks at it. Frank's got some pretty decent arguments, but what he doesn't know definitely can hurt him, and all of Dan's alliances are going to get him gone tomorrow.

frank dan

Joe finally made a pitch to Dan, but all he really accomplished was letting Dan know how tight Joe and Shane are. This is good info for Dan, which he can use to wedge Danielle away from Shane a bit more. Joe offered safety for Dan, and told him he'd already promised Shane the same. Dan asked who he would put up and Joe mentioned Jenn (I think) and said "well, that only leaves Danielle." He didn't actually say he'd nom her though. Dan pointed out that you can't promise everyone safety at this point in the game. Also, don't think it escapes Dan's notice that Joe didn't mention Ian, despite the fact that Ian just nominated him. Again, this is actually good information. It means that Ian has successfully reeled in Joe, as Dan wants. The best part of the convo was when Joe told Dan that up until a few days ago he was convinced that the whole Dani thing at the funeral was staged and Dan wasn't really mad at her. But after talking to her and hearing what it was about (someone clued him in that it was over the points she took in the POV) he now understands that they're really at odds. Misting accomplished. The credit for that one goes to Danielle. When it comes to playing the victim she's a top notch Mister.

danielle joe

Jenn and Danielle talked a bit, and Danielle broke the news that Frank's cooked. Jenn seems like she legitimately wants Frank to stay, but she also seems to accept Danielle's answer. Danielle has gotten super pissed at Frank over the last few days, in large part because he keeps bringing up how hard he worked to get on the and how he deserves to be there more than people who were recruited off of Facebook (like her). As I always say, no one deserves to win a reality show, and though I do prefer the true fans for the most part, Frank is being awfully cocky and that's dangerous when you're on the block. Jenn clues Frank in as to what he did to tick of Danielle and tells him he needs to treat her with kid gloves. He asks if he's still got her vote, and Jenn says yes, despite the fact that Danielle told her the exact opposite.


Then Jenn goes and reports back to Mist Master Dan and tells him that he needs to work on Danielle's vote. I guess Jenn still thinks Dan wants to keep Frank. But Dan had also asked her to "pitch" a final 3 to Danielle, and act as mediator between Dan and Danielle. This is a set up, just like with the Shane F3, Danielle's already on board, but they're continuing to play up the rift. Jenn actually used the Frank-vote-out as a final plank in the F3 platform, saying that if Danielle's going to vote out her top ally, while they're keeping Danielle's boy (Shane), then they need to firm up the F3 with Dan so they're on equal footing. Danielle says sure, sure. Jenn runs off to tell Dan the good news, and he acts gleefully surprised.

jenn shane

Frank also put in some time with Ian to try to work him for a tie-breaker. He made a lot of points that would be really relevant if Ian weren't already in alliances with with everyone else in the house except for Jenn. Basically Frank's point was that if Ian had to chose between working with Frank and working with Joe, that should be a no-brainer. Which is true. But between the QP and his new status as a Junior Renegade, Ian's not choosing whom to work with, but rather whom to go against. And that again is a no-brainer.


As for the show, it would have been exciting if I didn't already know what happened. OTEV is usually a good comp, and it was at least interesting to see all the back and forth about whether Frank was going to throw it. I was glad he didn't in the end. He's really in a tough position. Normally, I'd say at this point in the game, throwing comps to an ally to keep you both safe is smart. But that only works if have faith in your ally. Dan is playing such a stellar game that it's hard to fault people for trusting him even as he's sharpening the shanks. But still, I hate to see someone be responsible for their own eviction. The other interesting point about the comp was that Dan won it partly by luck. When he was saying on the feeds he wasn't sure if he had the right answer on the last question, I thought it might be BS. But apparently not. Lucky break, but he really ought to step up his Jedi drilling since he's going to need a few comp wins in the next 2 weeks.


I also found Dan's DR comments about his strategy interesting. It's true that what with coming into the game with the reputation of being a totally honest player, the best strategy is to completely subvert that. I'm not sure if he actually started out with that plan or if he's using it now to justify the fact that he's lied to basically everyone in the house. Whatever the case may be, it's working for him.


I haven't heard a final decision on votes. I think it's a guarantee that Shane and Danielle will vote out Frank, and Ian will break a tie to evict him if it comes to that. Both Jenn and Dan are a little up in the air for different reasons. I think Jenn will probably vote to evict Joe as long as Danielle (or really Dan) doesn't tell her not to (which I don't see happening). If nothing else, Jenn doesn't want to lose Frank's jury vote. When discussing the vote with Danielle, Jenn asked if people were going to be upset if she vote to keep him, even if he ended up going. Danielle said she didn't think anyone would mind. And it's not as if voting to keep Joe is going to change anyone's nom plans at this point in the game. And Dan may very well vote to evict Joe for the very same reasons. And since he's pretty much engineering Frank's exit, if he manages to do it and come out smelling a rose, all the better for him.

renegade frankie

I'm really not sure who I want to go in the second eviction tomorrow. Actually, I'd want it to be Danielle, but there's next to no chance of that. I think it's likely to be Joe, which is kind of too bad just because I'm really loving the Comic Relief Alliance. I've decided that Shane's stuffed dog is now an official member too, and clearly the brains of the operation.


Line of the Show

Shane to Danielle: Don't hug me. Good job.
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