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double, double, toil and trouble

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posted Thursday, 6 September 2012

These double-eviction nights are always a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Livefeeders got a nice surprise before this one with the feeds staying on until about 5 minutes before the liveshow started. It was a lot of fun to see the last minute scurrying, though they were all getting so stressed in there, it was getting to me too. Poor Frank kept getting lied to right up until the last minute. Shane assured him he was voting to keep him, Danielle gave him a reassuring smile, and Dan kept saying they were good as long as he had Shane's vote.

goodbye shane

We jump into the liveshow with 2 of the best moments of the week: Dan's slip up with Frank about Joe's future noms when Joe's supposed to be getting gone, and Joe's slip-up with tattling on Dan to Dan. Both helped with a little bit of misdirection, but the QPers had confirmed on the feeds that it was going to be a 3-1 vote, not wanting to press anyone's luck by going to a tie-breaker. Everyone other than Joe and Ian also confirmed their noms should they win HOH would be Joe/Ian. The HGs really hadn't guessed it was a FF/DE, though they were thinking "short week" and expected to make noms on the liveshow. Frank went out on the 3-1 vote, without so much as a see-ya to anyone other than Jenn. Nice chat with Julie, and Frank's kicking himself for not kicking Dan when he had the chance.


So it's out to play HOH, and the Comic Relief Alliance gives fills their role with a horrible showing from Shane and Joe. It's a 3-way race among Dan/Dani/Jenn, and Dan takes it in the tie-breaker. Then as expected it's Ian and Joe on the block, and it's out to play POV and a comp that was built for Ian. As expected he owns it, and takes the pretty necklace. The CRA give us one last show with a just ridiculously bad performance by Shane, and Joe getting so confused I think he started going backwards.


I thought there was a chance Dan would repl-nom Shane. Dan's been working the wedge between Danielle and Shane for the last couple days, and she's been saying she's so over him. But I think she did tell Dan she couldn't blatantly shank Shane, as it would cost her so much in jury votes....not just his vote, but she'd look 100% like Dan's puppet. Ian also wouldn't vote out Shane, because Ian's true Quack Pack to the end. Dan didn't want to put up Jenn because he knows both Ian and Shane have side deals with Joe and they'd probably kick Jenn, so he went with the obvious Perfect Pawn and put up Danielle. That ensured Joe's 3-0 exit, and he trotted out to his own nice little Julie chat.

perfect pawn

The feeds came back on fairly quickly (another big ups to the feedmasters this year, normally they don't give us feeds until after the 2nd HOH on FF/DE nights). We find both Danielle and Jenn in major pouty/sulky fits. I couldn't figure out if Danielle was for real or not. On the one hand she has nothing to be legitimately pissed about, but on the other hand, she's a wackadoo and she continued to look really mad even when sitting alone in a room. But after a few minutes she had a private chat with Dan and the first thing he asked was "are you pissed?" and she immediately said no. Turns out that she was just trying to figure out what to do about Jenn being so mad. It confused me at first, but Jenn's deal is that she feels like she's getting the short end of the deal with Dan/Danielle. Jenn just had to cut her "safety net" Frank, and yet Danielle gets to keep hers, i.e. Shane. Of course Jenn's trying to figure out why Dan didn't nom Shane since they've talked about needing to separate him and Danielle. When D/D have their check-in Dan tells Danielle to let Jenn know that Joe was targeting Dan and Jenn, and that Danielle was a willing pawn to get him out.


Later on Danielle does talk with Jenn, and she smooths things over a bit, but doesn't really follow Dan's full instructions. Basically Danielle just makes sure that Jenn's not mad at her, and when Jenn says she's not sure if she can trust Dan after what he pulled tonight, Danielle just lets that slide. She's trying to make sure that her own standing with Jenn is better than Dan's.


Ian's going around telling the QP that one of them has now won the game. Even if things go "wrong" and Jenn ends up in F2, since they've agreed to vote for each other, he figures it's done. And he's also figuring that as long as Jenn doesn't win HOH or POV, they've got Final 4 wrapped. Of course he doesn't realize that the other 3 were completely ready to cut him tonight, and will this week if they get a second chance. And it wouldn't surprise me if Dan/Danielle go ahead and cut Shane if they can't get to Ian.

dan ian

The feeds come back from trivia for the 2nd HOH comp of the night just in time for Showtime and we find Ian with the HOH key. So that means that both FF/DEs this season saw an outgoing HOH back in power within a few hours, and in between, being nominated (as the target) and winning POV. Dan checks in with Ian and asks whom he is thinking of nominating. Ian says Jenn, obviously, and maybe Dan to "disguise" things and he can justify it because Dan just nom'ed him. He also mentions that he if he puts up Danielle or Shane and the other wins the POV they could save each other and Dan would have to be the repl-nom anyway. Mist Master Dan just says okay, and walks off, leaving me wondering if he's going to let himself go up and either hope to win veto or sacrifice Jenn, or if he's going to come along later and try to Mist Ian.

jenn dan

I didn't have to wonder for long because about 5 minutes later, Dan comes back and asks Ian if the "worst" happens and Jenn wins POV and they have to lose a Duckie, which one does he want to go. Ian says Danielle because she's his biggest competition in terms of the type of comps that are upcoming. Of course this isn't what Dan wants to hear, but he plays it off nicely. He starts to lay out scenarios, really working hard to get Ian to nom Shane vs. Jenn. He points out that if Ian nominates him and Jenn, and Jenn wins POV, and Ian puts up Danielle, that Jenn/Shane would both vote out Dan, and Ian would lose his F2 deal. If he put up Shane against Dan, Dan might stay, but since Ian's said he'd rather lose Danielle if they have to sacrifice a Duckie, that's not an ideal outcome for him. But if he puts up Shane and Jenn, and Jenn comes down and Danielle goes up, Dan says he'll vote out Dani and even if Jenn doesn't, Ian could break the tie.

ian dani

I don't think Dan actually would vote out Danielle, but it's a good pitch to Ian. Dan also plants a seed by mentioning that if they get down to a QP F4 that it's going to be Danielle/Shane vs. the two of them, and that's risky. Ian picks right up on it and starts freaking out that Dan's going to vote out a Duckie rather than Jenn this week. But he worries that it would be Danielle, and gets Dan to promise he won't vote out Danielle over Jenn this week. Of course, I think what Dan really wants to do is vote out Shane.

dan shane


Lines of the Show

Dan (Frank's goodbye message): I hope there are no hard feelings.
Julie: Are there hard feelings?
Frank: Absolutely hard feelings. 
Julie: Everyone in the living room NOW. Don't make me come in there.
Julie to Joe: Final question, everyone wants to know...what exactly is that on your chin?
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