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posted Friday, 7 September 2012

Big day in the BB14 house today. They got the mini table, which is a sure sign that the end is near.


Ian got a Pandora's Box where he was shown a picture of his family and told there was a special message waiting for him from "someone who loves you." Turned out his message was from Rachel, which was supposed to be the "bad thing." Meanwhile everyone downstairs got Skype messages from their families. When Ian came downstairs, they all thanked him profusely for opening the box. He had been saying he wasn't going to do it because he was scared of getting something really bad in a game-changing way. I was sort of wondering if there might be a consequence of not being able to play in the POV. BB's done that before as a Pandora effect at this point, and from where I sit the HOH not playing in the F5 veto is not a huge detriment. But Ian told Dan there was nothing more than he'd told everyone (last week when he got the $1K he only told Dan).


HOH meetings took place out at Ian's hammock because a.) HOH was locked for PB cleanup, and b.) that's just how Ian rolls. Ian told everyone that original noms are pretty arbitrary at this point in the game, that it's all about the POV. Jenn took this as Ian's way of hinting that he's really after Dan. Ian did say to her that "there is someone in this house who put me up" so she's not crazy to be thinking this. Shane did his usual Comic Relief spiel of agreeing with everything Ian said and pretty much offering to go up. Dan, of course, had already Misted Ian into putting up Shane anyway. Danielle came out and completed the Misting by telling Ian that he should put up the person who is the least likely to get mad at him (i.e. Shane). She also asks if Dan is Ian's true target. Ian responds NO in a slightly panicked tone. Danielle tells him that Jenn told her that, and basically points out that if Dan is nominated even as a pawn, "people" might be tempted to vote him out. Ian says he knows Danielle would "never, ever vote out Shane" and that's another reason it might make sense for him to go up as the "QP pawn."

ian danielle

It's been striking me recently that Ian's major strategic flaw is that he tells people things instead of asking. Today he told Danielle that he was sure she wouldn't vote out Shane over Jenn, and kept saying that the QP can't "eat their own." A much smarter move would have been to ask her if she thinks the QP would ever start turning on each other and see what she says. He also should have asked her to promise him that she wouldn't use the veto if she wins it, and that she'll vote out whomever he wants. Because the fact is that Dan and Danielle are both seriously considering voting out Shane this week.


They had noms and as planned Shane and Jenn did go up. Shane is perfectly confident that he's safe, and just keeps talking about how they all have to make sure Jenn doesn't win the POV. Jenn apparently sort of snapped at Danielle, which of course made Danielle really cranky. I think Jenn's still worried that Danielle's more loyal to Shane than to Jenn. Dan had a little check-in with Jenn and she said something about having anger management issues, but she's doing the best she can. He told her if she needed to vent to come to him and he'd let her smother him with a pillow or something. Dan really wants to keep both Jenn and Danielle in the game and calm, so the last thing he needs is them fighting with each other.


There's a strong possibility that they will have a nighttime, morph-o-matic POV. They're already on lockdown and can hear building outside. The camera has spent some time on the memory wall over the last day or so, which is often a sign morph is coming. The HGs suspect it too, and Dan spent a good amount of time this evening studying the wall. He was a bit subtle about it, sitting at the table with a picture of his wife, so to the casual observer he didn't appear to be studying. But his eyes were definitely on the wall. I've seen Jenn study the wall quite a bit, so she has a good shot. So does Ian with his photographic memory. I strongly suspect Danielle will be terrible at morph, and I'm sure she'll have some tragic explanation for it. That's something to look forward to. Shane, of course, has no idea what's going on, and no one's bothering to clue him in.

dan shane

And, yes, it's true. Other than Jenn who never wears anything other than black, every single one of them was wearing a red shirt at some point today. I think Shane's going to end up being the actual redshirt casualty of the week. Though Ian's the HOH, and his choices for who goes out are Jenn or Danielle, I think it's going to end up once again being about Dan wants. And Dan wants Shane out.

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