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posted Saturday, 8 September 2012

BB fooled us again, and the POV was not a nighttime comp. They played around a typical time today, and according to what they're saying, though it took over 12 hours to build, the comp itself was over very quickly. It was some kind of puzzle, with a physical aspect of jumping over something. Both Ian and Danielle said their puzzles fell/collapsed. It took a while to work it out, but it finally became clear that Shane won.


Ian and Shane, who are both 100% on board with the Quack Pack to F4 are thrilled. Jenn's bummed (OBVI!), particularly because Danielle worked on her Junior Mist quite a bit last night, and had Jenn convinced that Ian/Shane have a deal and that's why Shane was so cool with being on the block. Danielle also assured Jenn that if noms stayed the same, D/D would be voting Shane out. It gave Jenn hope, but that's now been dashed. She might come out and start working to try to stay over the replacement nom, but there's no chance.

ian jenn

Shane will veto himself, and Danielle will likely be the replacement nominee. So it's pretty much a sure thing that it's QP to F4. This evening Dan said to Danielle that all this means is that they now have to work for F2. They still think they can get there, that they only way it goes wrong is if Shane wins the next HOH and then Ian wins the POV. Funny thing is that even if that happens, it will be Danielle that goes out. Not that Dan is telling her this.

danielle dan

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