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seeing stars

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posted Sunday, 9 September 2012

In addition to the pretty necklace, Shane won some sort of luxury prize in yesterday's POV comp. He got to leave the house for it, and could choose someone to go with him, and naturally he chose Danielle. They weren't told exactly where they were going, just given a hint that included the phrase "a chance to see some of the stars of the biggest event of the summer." The HGs were all convinced they were going to some sort of red carpet event, movie premiere, VMAs, sports event, etc. Personally, I was guessing planetarium/observatory (the "big event" could be the Mars landing). As of this writing, Shane/Danielle are still out and about so we won't know for sure until they get back. (They got back before I finished, see below.) All we do know is that it wasn't the VMAs, since they were a few days ago. I'd also point out that BB usually doesn't go for the obvious with their clues. (See Ian's "message from someone who loves you.")

danielle shane

Speaking of the messages from home, cute segment on the show. Rachel's message was actually very funny. Nice to see that she knows her role still. And Ian's real reaction on the feeds wasn't nearly so negative as they made it out on the show, but he gave them clips they needed for "something bad." And seeing the rest of them get messages from their real loved ones was nice. I thought it was genuine emotion from everyone. I particularly noted it from Dan. I'm pretty sure those were real tears, unlike the completely staged ones from the funeral, or even the slightly staged ones from reading his HOH letter. It was also really nice for Jenn, who as she noted hasn't gotten HOH, and is at a low point in the game, to get some support from home.

ian dan

The little bits of filler that we missed during the commercial breaks of the liveshow were enlightening. I now have a much better understanding of why both Jenn and Danielle were in such states on Thursday evening. In Jenn's case it's fairly justified, but Danielle's just a nutjob. While getting rid of Shane wouldn't have been good for her, and arguably wasn't the best move for Dan anyway because it would have blown his deal with Ian, Danielle's reaction was way over the top. She's in one of the best positions in the house, and her "poor me" routine is just getting old.

jenn danielle

Back in the house, there's been little gaming while the happy couple are out seeing stars. Dan's still been at working, chatting up Jenn quite a bit, complimenting her gameplay and talking to her about her life. Jenn and Dan both suggested that Danielle use her time outside the house with Shane to work on him not to use the veto (using the angle of not wanting to go on the block herself). Jenn's completely serious and believes Danielle will try. I don't think Dan expects her to actually do it, but letting Jenn think Danielle is working on that angle is good because it keeps Jenn calmer, and therefore unlikely to spill any secrets, thinking she still has hope.


Ian did confirm to Dan that Danielle will be the repl-nom. Once that happens, we might see some campaigning out of Jenn. I don't think there's any chance of her staying though. She's got some strong arguments, but she's going to have a real hard time breaking through the alliances, especially since there's so much she doesn't know. If she knew about the Dan/Ian F2 deal, she could make the argument to Ian that he really needs to split up Danielle/Dan. If she knew about the QP, she could let Shane/Ian both know that Dan was trying to get them out during the double-eviction. But, alas, she's out of the loop.


Shane and Danielle returned from their outing, and it turns out they got to go to a show with the US Women's Olympic Gymnastics team. They got to meet the "Fierce Five" and received some signed cereal boxes. It sounds like a great trip, but Danielle, of course, has tales of tragedy. She keeps going on about how the whole experience was sensory overload, there were cameras everywhere (shocking, I know), and it's so hard being back in the house now. Wait until she realizes she mooned the camera while getting ready.

back cereal


Lines of the Day

Jenn (on if Dick had been a coach): That would have been hilarious. The lesbian is on Team Dick!
BB (as a joke): Jodi, you have not visited the Diary Room today.
BB (as a joke): Willie, this is a reminder. Smoking is only permitted in the patio area.
Danielle: Jenn, don't let me forget to put on panties. Right now I have nothing!
(me: Too late.)
Danielle: It's different now [being in the house].
(me: Dude, it's been 12 hours. Get over yourself.)
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