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just because you're paranoid

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posted Monday, 10 September 2012

As expected, Shane vetoed himself, and as expected by everyone except Jenn, Danielle went up as the repl-nom. Jenn could not figure out why Ian didn't put up Dan, after hinting that he was the real target. Ian is going with the reasoning that he's trying to "break up the couple." This, of course, implies that he wanted Shane out, and now wants Danielle out. It seems to have given Jenn a spark of hope. She's tried campaigning just a bit to all three guys, and everyone's deflecting. Shane told her he would think about what's best for his game, and not vote personally. Ian hinted that he'd break a tie in her favor, but he doesn't really expect a tie. And Dan told her he'd only force a tie if Ian was on board.

jenn danielle

Jenn told Ian and Dan to talk to each other, I assume hoping that they'd mutually agree to vote out Danielle. But Ian gave Dan's words from Thursday back to him saying that if he voted Danielle out, Ian would rip his face off. Funny thing is, Ian's actually the one that wants Danielle gone, but he seems willing to wait until the next round. Ian is putting a lot of stock in the death before dishonor mantra, certainly as it applies to the QP. I think Ian also intends to stick to his F2 deal with Dan if it comes to his choice. While hammocking the other night, he muttered "to be the best you have to beat the best." And being the super-fan that he is, I think Ian actually would rather lose to Dan than beat, say, Jenn.

dan ian

Danielle took being nominated as well as she ever does, that is to say, not very well, especially considering she's nearly sure to stay. She's complaining about being the perpetual pawn, even complaining to Jenn. She keeps saying she's been backdoored, despite the fact that this was in no way a b-d. She's also come up with new tragic stories, going from just the ridiculous to the offensive. She decided for some reason to confess to Dan that she has breast implants and has a "mass" on one of them that she was getting "radiation treatments and chemo" before coming into the house, and would have to resume upon leaving. He asked if BB knew about this and she said yes; he asked if the "mass" was malignant, and she said no, just scar tissue. It seems the truth is that she was getting some sort of laser treatments to remove scar tissue, but, being Danielle, she made all these oblique cancer references. She also rehashed her old stories about how abusive her father is. I'm quite sure Danielle does not have cancer, and I'm also quite sure she's exaggerating her family issues. But there is something wrong in that girl's life. As much as I have no issue with dissecting them on BB (they signed up for this after all) it's no fun to see someone fall apart in real life. I'm seriously starting to worry about how Danielle's going to handle the aftermath of the show, and I was starting to feel sorry for her. But then she started talking smack about redheads and lost all my sympathy. Well, at least until my redheaded temper cooled off, about 2 minutes later. (I kid, of course. A bit.)


Dan's been getting increasingly paranoid over the last few days. He's constantly checking for reaffirmation of his various deals, and worrying a lot about his spool of lies coming unraveled. But all things considered, he's staying pretty calm. It's got to be stressful playing the kind of game he's playing this time around, and I'm sure now that the possibility of repeating a win is getting so close the pressure to do so is getting stronger. But he is in a great position. The QP is pretty solid, the Ian deal is pretty solid, and the Danielle deal is pretty solid. Dan did spend some time this afternoon muttering about whether he'd be better off with Shane or Ian at the end. I'm pretty sure that what he ended up concluding was that though it wasn't a good idea for him to stab Danielle, if someone else (i.e. Ian) takes her out, he's still good. Fact is, he's right to keep checking on his deals. As long as he keeps everyone well Misted, he's probably not going out. Now he just has to make sure that they are Misted, and not getting annoyed because he keeps asking if they're staying true, as if he doesn't trust them. Problem is since he's willing to cut any one of them, the paranoia that they'd do the same to him is getting high.

dan danielle

It doesn't seem like they have any clue that there's an eviction tomorrow. Out here, we know that we are likely to be without feeds for 24+ hours from when they go off to tape the Wednesday "live" show and when the show airs. I always hold out a little hope that BB will come to their senses and realize it's no different than any other week for livefeeders to see what goes on between comps, but history shows that there's a good chance they'll disappear tomorrow afternoon and when they come back on Wednesday night someone (almost surely Jenn) will be gone, Dan, Danielle, or Shane will have won the F4 HOH, noms will have happened, and the POV will have been played. On the plus side, we should get an endurance comp on Thursday night.

ian shane

Lines of the Day

Shane (about Boogie, the night he was evicted): He was 4 beers deep.
Ian: He had to be, in that outfit.
Dan: Did you have any idea who any of us (coaches) were?
Shane: No.
Danielle (during a 2 hour outdoor lockdown): Do they have any idea how bad I have to pee?
(me: Yup. And they don't care.)


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