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doesn't mean they're not out to get you

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posted Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The feeds went off to trivialand early this afternoon, following BB's attempts to get the HGs at least upright for 3 hours to get footage for the silliness that is the episode of BBAD during the blockage. When they disappeared, the HGs still didn't seem completely clued in that it was a liveshow day. But they were at least suspicious. They could hear building in the BY and noted that BB was clearly moving things up, doing the HOH camera, blogging, etc. in the morning, rather than the typical mid-day. Nonetheless, Jenn still didn't make even a half-hearted last ditch effort. I suppose there's something to be said for knowing when you're done, and dying with dignity.

jenn ian

Danielle gave us some her special kind of entertainment last night, by dissolving into the depths of despair. She was doing alright at first, though unreasonably mopey for a nominee who was sure to stay. But then she had a little chat with Dan about the F4 HOH. He was saying he was worried about possibly going next and she assured him that even if Shane won HOH and nominated him and Ian, she'd be the one vote and promised to keep him. He reminded her that nominations don't matter at F4, that it's all about the POV. She seemed to have genuinely forgotten this, and when she finally realized that even though Ian couldn't win the next HOH he could still end up with all the power. I think that's what really sent her into a tailspin. She cried, alone at first, and then to Shane. Her story to Shane was that she was upset because Dan was being nice to Jenn and she was afraid he was going to vote her out. Shane assured her that even if that did happen, Ian was completely with the QP and would keep her. He also said that he really didn't believe Dan would vote her out, and reaffirmed their F3.


Then Dan came along also gave her some words of reassurance. With him she used the trip out of the house as the underlying cause of her weepiness. She said that it was so hard being back in the house after a glimpse of the real world. She then moved on to how no one had any idea how hard this whole game has been for her, how she's been suffering since day 1 and has been completely alone. Blah, blah, blah... boohoo, boohoo. Meanwhile, Jenn, who is actually going to be evicted, really is alone, and has been on slop for over 2 weeks without complaining, was quietly hanging out by the hot-tub.


Shane proved the the Comic Relief Alliance is alive and well, despite the only remaining members being him and his stuffed dog, Dozer (clearly the brains of the CRA). Shane told Danielle that they should stick with Dan because they can't beat Ian in the end. He also said that any of the 3 of them would beat Dan at F2. Furthermore, he told her that he'd throw Part I of the Final HOH to her (she later told Dan this was perfect, because she'd then throw it to Dan), and he's sure he can beat Dan in Part II. He's been told Part II is usually "physical," but they've intentionally left out the fact that there's a significant mental component to it as well. Also no one has told him anything about Part III except that it's "questions" so he has no idea how thoroughly Dan will wipe the floor with anyone. And then for the crown jewel in the CRA strategy talk, Shane told Danielle that he was confident that Dan wants to see either Shane or Danielle win, and he'll be happy if he goes out in third place. (Excuse me while I die laughing.)

shane and dozer

In continued demonstration of how ridiculous it is to block the feeds, immediately after the taping of the show, someone who had been in the audience tweeted all the details of what went on. (I believe it is the same reliable source who clued us in last year.) Word is that Jenn was evicted 2-0, and Danielle won HOH. I won't call the HOH results official until tomorrow, but I was already assuming the eviction, so I'll consider this confirmation.

no secretsdanielle

Before the word got out I was thinking that this is probably the HOH result that works out the best for Dan in his continued quest for world domination. This is the best way to ensure that both he and Danielle make it to F3. If Dan or Shane had won HOH, Dan would still be pretty much guaranteed, but if Ian won POV, Danielle would be gone. With Danielle safe as HOH, Dan's probably fine, regardless of who wins POV. Shane would definitely keep Dan over Ian, and though Ian arguably should keep Shane over Dan, I say he'll stick to the F2 deal. The real question is what will Dan do if he's the voter?


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