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bitch, please

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posted Wednesday, 12 September 2012

There's something about Danielle, that every time she opens her mouth, I just want to smack her and tell her to STFU. About 25 minutes before BBAD and the return of the livefeeds I predicted that we'd come back to....Danielle complaining about something. Sure enough, the minute BBAD starts up Danielle was complaining about some of her clothes having gone missing. She decided JoJo stole them. Over the next hour I think Danielle complained about practically every evicted HG. Frank flirted with her, Janelle was mean to her, Ashley was annoying, Jenn didn't like being on the block against her....bitch, please. She also spent a long time in front of the mirror, picking at her face, and sucking in her stomach and admiring her protruding ribs.


Meanwhile the boys sat around talking about Jackass. I kid you not. There was zero gametalk, and I started to suspect the feedmasters were in on the conspiracy to keep us from finding out what was going on because they seemed to be deliberately avoiding having a camera on the memory wall, so we couldn't figure out who was nom'ed or if the veto had been played. Finally Danielle was called to the DR, and Shane said "bring your veto." Then when she came out and went to re-hang it, we finally saw that Shane's key was in place confirming Dan and Ian were the nominees. I was guessing as much since they have both nominated her, but nice to have it confirmed.

ian dan

With Dan in the DR Shane and Ian have a slightly joking conversation with Danielle about what she's going to do. She says she's not saying, but I think it's pretty safe to assume she won't use it. It's also extremely likely that Shane will vote out Ian. There was a very funny moment when Danielle and Ian explained to Shane how the liveshow will work with the veto meeting, replacement nom if needed, and then whoever is off the block will have to stand and cast their vote in front of the HGs. Shane said he didn't want that pressure. I would say he was joking, but actually he just wasn't realizing the implications of what he was saying. I hope Dan has a nice little Misting session with Shane before the show, otherwise Shane might accidentally vote to evict himself or something.


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