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posted Thursday, 13 September 2012

So after we came back from the ridiculous 33 hour feedblock and found Danielle had won the veto, the obvious assumption was that she'd leave noms the same, and Shane would vote out Ian. Because that would make the most sense for Danielle. She'd still have her two top allies in the game, either one of whom would take her to the F2.

danielle shane

But then late last night, it comes out that Mist Master Dan has been at it again. He's convinced Danielle to use the veto to save him, promising he'll vote out Ian. But Dan tells the livefeeders that he's really going to take out Shane. He also hints to Ian that there's a plot afoot, and reaffirms their F2 deal and gets Ian to say he'll throw the endurance comp. Ian sees the spark of hope, but only a spark. He's still pretty convinced he's going. Danielle has also promised to throw the end. comp. (and Shane has promised to throw it to her, but only "after Dan drops") though one assumes that deal will be null and void if Dan kicks Shane. Dani turns around and lets Shane know she's going to veto Dan, but she's sure Shane's safe. Her reasoning is that she wants Dan to get the blood on his hands for kicking Ian.

ian dan

So we go into the liveshow for what promises to be an epic blindside. It's almost too much to hope for, yet it all plays out. The shocked looks on everyone's faces top all the greats of the past: BB8 Dustin, BB7 Boogie at Will's eviction, BB11 Jordan at the coup d'Jeff when Jessie was kicked. Shane still hasn't figured out how to play BB and is simply shocked at Dan's behavior. As soon as Shane is out the door, Dan pulls Danielle aside and tells her he did it all for her. There was no way she could beat Shane in the end, but she'd also never cut him herself. Now she's left in the house with two people who will take her to the end, and she can beat either one of them. It's complete bull-puckey of course, and there's no way she'll fall for it, right?

danielle dan

The show ends without the endurance comp starting, which is a BB first. We don't have feeds for a long time, and it's starting to feel like we're going to be robbed yet again. But eventually we do get our feeds (we later find out they're about 20 minutes into the comp). They're on fish hooks, swinging, smacking into walls, and getting dunked into a pool. Ian later lets us know the comp was called Hook, Line and Sinker. He gets it, exactly how they've all fallen for the Mist.

comp comp

Not too long after the feeds come on, Ian slips off his rope. I think he really slipped, though he said he'd throw the comp to Dan, I don't think he'd do it that quickly, especially with Danielle still in the game. (Update/Correction: Ian later tells Dan he could have stayed up there for hours, and he did throw it, just tried to make it look realistic and asks if it did. Well, it worked for me.) BB opens up the house for Ian, he goes in and changes out of his wet clothes fairly quickly and comes back out. Dan asks for "4 quick minutes" with Danielle and Ian goes back inside. Throughout most of the comp the audio was absolutely horrible, so we couldn't make out the early parts of the 4 minute convo, though it was clear that Dan was trying to get Danielle to drop. She's reluctant at first, but then she inexplicably says fine, she'll drop. She once again threatens to come after Dan's balls with a butter knife, though she's already proven that's an empty threat once tonight. The next time BB dunks them, she jumps off.

ian down danidown

I'm actually kind of in shock that someone can make two such ridiculously stupid moves in one night. But I guess Dan's Mist is just that powerful, and Danielle is obviously super-susceptible. I can't even give her status in the Comic Relief Alliance because her moves aren't funny, they're just pathetic. Dan, on the other hand, just continues to cement his standing as the Best to Ever Play the Game. He has now officially made it farther than Will, and his pretty much guaranteed F2. I've been convinced for a while that he has an excellent chance at winning it all again. It's not a wrap by a long shot, but if he pulls off just one or two more great moves he'll have it in the bag.

dodo brain

I've always said that Dan is Dr. Will with a moral compass. This time around he obviously left that compass at home, and it's only made him better in the game. And even though he's playing the whole lying, backstabbing, cutthroat game, he's still managing to do it with charm, charisma and lack of personal attacks just as Will did. He's proving that in the house he's all "circuitry and wires" (©Dr. Will) and the only reason people are hating on him so much more than they ever did on Will is that they're remembering the "clean" way he played BB10. And let's be honest, while it was pretty clean, it wasn't completely clean. "Let's do this like Judas" anyone?

crydani dan

Lines of the Show

Julie: Who will win the power of veto and become the most powerful player in the game?
(me: That's really 2 different questions.)
Dan: Danielle's going to do whatever I tell her.
Danielle: You both backdoored me.
Britney: We're all Dan-Misted. It's like a club, it's called the jury house.
Danielle: If I do this, and you don't take me to the final two, I will castrate you. With a butter knife.
Julie: With Dan in the house, anything is possible.
Julie: Danielle holds all the power, but who is really in control of this game?
Danielle: I've decided to use the power of veto to save you Dan.
Dan: Now I'm up to blood on my elbows.
Dan: Shane, I'm sorry, I have to evict you.
Ian: Um. Um. Wha....?
 Danielle: Why did I even have to go through that?
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