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zombie apocalypse

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posted Friday, 14 September 2012

BB woke the HGs up early this morning and they had a reminiscing breakfast with the typical stroll down memory lane for Sunday's show. It finally dawned on me that this is why they let Dan Mist Danielle before heading out for the HOH comp. If they ended the Thursday show with her hating him, then had to insert the happy hamster breakfast before showing the comps on Wednesday it would seem completely staged. That's why Julie said to tune in Sunday to see how Danielle and Ian "react to Dan's big move." We'll see the Misting and then the happy times on Sunday. Wednesday will have all 3 parts of the HOH comp, the eviction, jury deliberations, voting, etc.

dan dani

Most of the rest of the day was a whole lot of nothing. They slept a lot, played with some the BB provided toys (mostly from Ian's "Christmas"), and they finally got real cards. There was a tiny bit of game work going on. Last night, Dan told Danielle that she needs to get Ian to throw the HOH part 2 to her to ensure that the two of them go into part 3 against each other. He advised her to use the argument that she was uber-pissed at Dan and wants to be the one who sends him out the door. Dan also told her to tell Ian that Jenn and Shane both told her "how they'd answer the jury questions." When she did exactly that, Ian asked the same question I had, which was how the fuck is that possible? Dan had told her to explain that she meant that they had told her if they would answer strategically, or personally, or try to throw a curve ball. Danielle also ad libbed a bit and told Ian that Jenn had also told her how she thought Ashley would answer. The point of all this is supposed to be that Danielle is sure she can beat Dan in part 3. Now, since Shane only figured out he was playing Big Brother on Day 69 and even then was shocked that anyone would lie in the BB house, he didn't even know that the final HOH part 3 was questions to the jurors, much less have the understanding to be able to give hints of how he would answer. And I'm pretty sure Ian knows this and realizes it's all crap.


Nevertheless Danielle did seem to succeed in convincing Ian that she hates Dan and that she'll take Ian to F2 if she wins parts 2 & 3. That's utter crap and Dan knows it, but he was still pleased when Ian came and told him that Dani's taking Ian to the end if she has the choice. Dan used this to point out to Ian that he was good whether he won part 2 or not. Ian explained that he wants to win part 2 because he believes that if he gets to the end against Dan he'll win all the marbles in a 7-0 vote. But if Danielle wins 2 more comps, even if she takes him, he's pretty sure she has the whole thing wrapped up. I'm not so sure that's true, but it doesn't really matter. Bottom line is that I do believe they are going to go out and play part 2 (which is likely tomorrow in the usual POV comp timeslot) as an actual competition. This is the way it should be. And after having both of them throw part 1 to Dan, I'd like at least one of these last comps to be legit.

danielle ian

Dan also spent some time talking to himself/us about jury votes. He seems pretty sure he can't beat Ian, so he really wants to get to the end with Danielle. He's clearly hoping and planning to beat her in the end, but if he doesn't at least he'll be able to save a bit of face by saying that he coached the winner. Dan also had a BB trivia/history chat with Ian, asking about past seasons and how the final juror had voted in relation to the person that kicked them. I think this is the beginnings of Dan's campaign to get Ian's jury vote. Ideally he'd probably like to have Danielle win parts 2 and 3 and kick Ian, but he's certainly considering the possibility that he might have to send Ian out himself. He also tried to buy himself a bit of redemption by asking the livefeeders to vote for Ian for Favorite HG. Ian's probably got a decent shot at that, though it's never happened that someone still in the house when the voting is going on has won it.

dan ian

Late this afternoon they were having power issues in the house and Ian started to freak out a little, wondering if the zombie apocalypse had arrived. The feeds were blocked for a bit and when they came back there seemed to be either remaining problems, or at least some energy conservation measures in place. The HGs were saying that appliances had shut off, as had the a/c, and the cameras went all wonky. The ultra-bright stage lights are off in much of the house. There are news reports of a fire in Studio City that blew up a transformer and is causing outages in the area, so that's likely the real issue. But zombie apocalypse works for me too.

lights out zombieapocalypse

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