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renegades or re-neg-ades?

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posted Saturday, 15 September 2012

Late last night, Dan told Danielle that if Ian won part 2 of the HOH he would "fake celebrate" in a way that she could overhear and then she was to blow up and accuse Ian of having a deal with Dan and threaten him with jury votes, mentioning their own deal to take each other to the end. Dan's stated reason for Danielle to do this was so that if Ian wins Part 3 he would take Danielle. But everyone watching was pretty clear on his real reason: if he won part 3 he could cut Ian saying that Ian had re-neg'ed on their Renegade deal by making a F2 deal with Danielle.

dan danielle

So when the feeds came back after trivia to Ian telling Dan he was going to kill him for celebrating in front of Danielle, and Danielle screaming "Ian, I can't believe you made a deal with him!" we knew what had happened. The rest of the evening was a lot of awkward, a lot of tears from Danielle, and a few check-ins, but mostly Dan at Work.

iandani dandown

Dan first had a chat with Ian, asked him about whether he had a deal with Danielle, and Ian said no and explained what he had said to her that she could be "twisting" into thinking they had a deal to take each other to the end. Dan was initially clearly trying to angle things so he could use his excuse to re-neg on Ian. He also started implying that Ian should throw part 3 of the comp, since Danielle was saying that if Ian kicked her she'd "taint" the jury against him. Ian came right out and said no way was he throwing it, they'd just play straight out, and what did it matter since they're taking each other? After Ian leaves the room, Dan mutters "Ian, you will be throwing that comp to me."

dani ian

But later, after a chat with Ian about jury votes, Dan seems to come to realize the truth: if he wants to win the game, he's got to be against Ian at the end. And furthermore, the only way to get to the end with Ian is to have Ian win the 3rd round, and trust that he won't re-neg on the Renegades. Dan then spends the rest of the evening making sure that Ian's still on board. Danielle continues to help him out (I think inadvertently at this point) by being really rude and obnoxious to Ian. When Dan asks if Danielle's going to guilt Ian into taking her to the end, Ian says no way, this behavior is just putting the nail in her coffin.

dan ian

So the next couple days are probably going to be about Dan securing his positions with Ian and Danielle. With Ian he's got to make sure that he's fully on-board with the Renegades. With Danielle, he's got to convince her that he will take her if it's his choice, and then do a convincing job of throwing the comp. Bottom line seems to be that while Dan was initially prepared to re-neg on his Renegades deal with Ian, he's now going to have to count on on Ian not re-neg'ing on him. Lucky for Dan that Ian's proven pretty loyal all the way through the game, and as long as Danielle doesn't wise up to what's really going on and tell Ian how many times Dan's tried to shank him, he probably won't re-neg. Dan's even accounted for this by telling Ian that neither one of them should believe any "crazy stories" Danielle might come up with over the next few days.

danidan renegades

In other news, they had a major ant invasion, which led to some serious kitchen clean-up. BB also ordered in a "special" meal of In-and-Out burgers and fries for the, which they all loved. It's not the gourmet catered meal the F2/F3 usually get, but they seemed happy. BB also gave them some new games, including Connect-4, Jenga (actually some BoBo knock-off Jenga thing called "Jumbling Tower" since Will burned BB's Jenga during BB7), and backgammon. They completely ignored that last one which is one I would have been all over. I'm guessing none of them know how to play.

in-and-out backgammon
cleanup jenga

Lines of the Day

Danielle: Ian, are you just going to leave your clothes there? (in the middle of the living room)
Ian: Yeah, until we get the washing machine.
Dan: I think Miss Murphree is implying we should clean up.
Danielle: I just think our give-a-damn is broken.
Danielle: Why haven't they taken care of the ants for us yet?
Dan: Because they're our ants.
Ian: It's a roommate problem.
Ian to Dan: I think you just won yourself $500K for that.
Ian to Dan: Just behave yourself, please. Please.
Dan (alone): My best move is to throw the HOH to Ian. If I win, my conscience will not allow me to not take Danielle.
Dan: It wasn't this hard the first time around. 
Dan: If I want to win this game, I've got to get to the end with Ian, which means I've got to throw it to him. Insanity to throw the final HOH, absolutely insanity. But, so insane it just might... 
Ian: Are you alright?
Danielle: Yeah.
Ian:Just making sure.
Danielle:Don't really want to talk to you Ian right now.
Dan: She's not going to guilt you into taking her, is she?.
Ian: No, acting like that? Nails in the coffin.
Ian: 50 Gs, at least.
Dan: One of us is a half millionaire.
Ian: You'd be a millionaire.
Dan: I don't see it that way. I'd just be happy to get to the end.
Ian: Be happy.
Dani (alone): I'm so tired of being hurt. I'm not supposed to finish 3rd.
Ian: It's not a fucking good person contest. 
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