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a bunch of froot loops

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posted Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just a quick entry today. Though the feeds slow down this time of year, there's still a lot for me to do, and I'm taking it easy today to rest up for the upcoming week. Not only do I have jury analysis, finale coverage and season wrap-up, but I've been behind on At the End of the Day since Willie left...I'm hoping to catch up before the actual finale when I'll have 3 more of them to do.


Late last night they finally got the backyard back and Ian was reunited with his hammock. It had been quite a few days and he was in dire need of some swinging time. He spent the better part of the day rocking away, along with a little bit of his own special style of camera-talking. The problem with Ian's camera talking is that it kind of does sound like a crazy homeless guy. He keeps repeating phrases over and over, and it's not always clear what he's talking about. Today we've gotten a lot of "to be the best, you have to beat the best" and quacking.

swinger ian

Danielle took to her bed last night, in depths of despair. She awoke this morning in a full-on crazy rant. She's still talking about how much she hates Ian, and then periodically saying she's not a hateful person. This was all to Dan while Ian was outside. Dan knows from talking to Ian last night that the more bitter Danielle acts the less sympathy Ian's going to have toward her, so he's gently encouraging her. Next Danielle starts calling Ian an atheist, Dan corrects her to say that Ian's agnostic. Danielle says it's the same thing, then goes on to imply Ian's actually a satanist. Dan tells her not to pull the religion card, and she says she'd never do that. Then she says she wants to snap Ian's neck (portraying her strong Christian values, I guess). Dan looks right at the camera and says she doesn't really mean that (with a little smirk). Danielle clarifies that of course she'd never lay hands on anyone. That one I do believe, though it takes a certain kind of hatred to even say such things. In any case, BB sends us to the fishtank and when we come back Danielle's off in the DR. She spent nearly an hour in there, and when she came out she was much quieter. She probably did get to vent a bit, and she later implied they gave her a Xanax or something. With Danielle, who knows if this is true, but it could be. Whatever the case, she was calmer.

cry better

Dan still seems to be on the plan of letting Ian take part 3 and going to the end together. But there's still a lot of time before Wednesday, and Dan might be full of crap anyway. It's also been pointed out that part 3 of that final HOH can be really hard to throw. In this case, I think it could be hard to throw just because I'm not sure how capable Ian is of winning. Dan got to know most of the jury members really well, and has a good intuition about people, so he's fully capable of doing well in the jury questions. Ian, on the other hand, really does have a social awkwardness that puts him at a disadvantage. Though, if they can at least get to a tie, Ian might have the edge in a tie-breaker, whether or not Dan is trying to throw the comp.

bowlcut dan

I don't have a whole lot to say about the show featuring the rest of the bunch froot loops. As always most of their never-before-seen footage wasn't new, though we did get some new DRs. I personally hadn't seen Boogie's Bible Study before, and that was pretty amusing. Other than that, they just hit the highlights, which was fine, but predictable. About the best part of the show was Danielle's meltdown and the epic failure of her eye makeup. Danielle threatening to backstab Dan is just ridiculous knowing that she said that after throwing the endurance comp to him, and irrelevant since she's not in a position to stab anyone anymore anyway.


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