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the good lie

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posted Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I've managed to post a blog entry every day this season, and even though I got waylaid today by a minor real life emergency (in the form of a seriously malfunctioning toilet) I can't very well let the last night before the finale go by with commentary. There actually isn't that much to say about today. The HGs were woken early to film a spot for The Talk. Their segment will apparently air tomorrow, though today the Talk Ladies did have a little chat about Dan and all his lies, posing the question of whether or not it's ever okay to lie. Whether it's okay to lie in real life vs. within the game of Big Brother are really two separate questions. I think it's been pretty well established that it's not only okay to lie in BB, but to do so successfully establishes one as a great player (see Dr. Will).


There hasn't been too much gametalk today. I still can't really figure out what Ian or Dan is likely to do tomorrow. Ian seems to be reconsidering taking Dan because he's not sure he can beat him. I still think Dan will take Danielle if he wins, so the question is whether or not he will try to win part 3. There's a part of me that feels like Dan won't want to give up the control, and that he sort of wants to be able to say he got not only himself, but his player to the end. If he's going to come in 2nd, I think he'd rather it be to Danielle. But I also think he really wants to win a second time. I'm also becoming slightly more convinced that he believes he has an equally good chance of beating either Ian or Danielle.

danielle hammock

Late tonight there was a conversation that threw a bit of a wrench into my reasoning. Dan and Ian were discussing doing an exchange of "collateral" to ensure they stick to their F2 deal. Dan's supposed to give Ian his cross from his grandfather (the one I call Waldo--the cross, not the grandfather) and Ian's supposed to give Dan his stuffed snake, his powerball veto and something else. I can't help noting that Dan's collateral is a little more valuable, though I think Ian's also the less likely to break the deal. Dan's been sort of hedging, saying they won't have a chance to trade back. I'm kind of surprised Dan's considering this if he's not committed to taking Ian. From listening to what he's said both this year and during BB10 that cross is something that actually means a lot to him, and I can't see him risking it. (If he really doesn't want to go through with the trade I think he should just say that Danielle will notice he's not wearing it and find that odd).

ian dan

The HGs also had some funny little reminiscing, and we got more comedy out of Danielle's Delusions. She mentioned her "surgery" again, but also downed a glass of some dark liquid, which she previously claimed would kill her. Dan also Misted her into confessing her fake boobs to Ian, along with the fact that she was one of the girls who complained about him watching them shower. In return, Ian admitted that he had tried to share a bed with Danielle on Night 1. Dan also set up Danielle to confess that she's a nurse by bringing up the story of Boogie suspecting her, but she didn't bite on that one.

dan daniellesdelusions

So here we are on the night before finale, and no reasonable predictions about what the outcome will be. But I still say that no matter what happens, Dan has played an impeccable game. His lies were well placed and well played. Dan's Funeral will definitely go down as one of the best moves in BB history.


Lines of the Day

Dan: Would you ever work at Hooters?
Danielle: No. I just care about my reputation.
Dani: Last day of livefeeds, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut. I've kept quiet for 74 days.
(Danielle confesses to Ian that she has fake boobs. Dan feigns surprise.)
Danielle: Don't repeat that, because y'all are the only two that know.
Ian: Wait, Jerry and Renny got in a fight in the jury house? Over what, Metamucil?
Dan: For some reason I think she thinks I'm going to take her.
Ian: I hope she doesn't get her hopes up.
Dan (to Ian): Just so you know, if I win, there's not going to be any antics or speeches, just like....
Danielle: I'm not a jealous person.
Danielle: When do you see me getting married?
Dan: You have to mature a bit first.
Danielle: Meaning?
Dan: Like be able to recognize quicker that a guy doesn't like you.
Dan: We should probably tell Ian (that dinner's ready), that's kinda rude.
Danielle: When do I ever whine?
Dan: Goodnight Big Brother, it's been a good season
Ian (turning out the light to go to sleep): I don't ever want to leave.
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