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posted Friday, 27 June 2014

In the time since the feeds started, we've figured out that Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria (for reasons I haven't heard), and Caleb nominated Donny and Paola. The explanation for Paola was that the "girls' alliance" got discovered and she was believed to be behind it. I'm not sure what the explanation for Donny was, though a lot of them apparently think he's lying about who he is, downplaying himself, etc. Mostly they just think he's a major social threat. Brittany and Victoria won the BoB (apparently that's what we're calling it; I can bow to peer pressure....also I'll stop mistyping BOTB as BOTH). The BoB winners are apparently truly safe--can't be repl-noms if the POV is used. Frankie's been "dethroned" and could be a repl-nom. It's also unclear as of yet if he can play in the next HOH (I'd guess yes, by past reasoning if none of your nominees go home, you didn't really get to be HOH).

There's an alliance of literally half the house - Caleb, Frankie, Devin, Derrick, Cody, Zach, Amber and Christine - called the Bomb Squad. I'd like to point out that the initials for that alliance name are hysterical. I kind of hope the alliance lasts a while just because I look forward to repeatedly referring to the BS alliance. Within the BS there are lots of little sub-deals that I'm no way going to bother keeping track of just yet. Though there were a few dissenters most of the BSers were targeting Donny this week.

They went off to play POV and livefeeders were treated to almost 4 hours of Jeff's preseason interviews with various former HGs and producers on an endless loop. It takes maybe 10 minutes to cycle through all the interviews. They were running before the feeds started, and they're not that interesting the first time, much less the 10,000th time. There was lots of griping from feeders about missing trivia, or even just fish. It really is annoying. Most of us use the feed blockage as a break time, but we like the monotony of the fish/trivia and the theme music to give a clear cue when the feeds are back. Unless they're planning on providing lots of new content for future blockages, this is not going to be fun. I'd guess whatever genius thought this was a good idea doesn't really understand livefeeders.

But anyway. We finally broke out of the loop and the HGs were back and Donny had the POV. It was the infamous Technotronics/Spelling comp. It sounds like a bunch of them didn't even have correctly spelled words and Donny won with "splitters." I heard someone blame their poor performance on being overdependent on spell-check and auto-correct. Gotta admit, I sympathize.

A few of the BSers had already decided that if Donny won POV, Joey would be the repl-nom. Apparently she "confessed" to really being behind the "girl alliance" and that's why they want her out. I honestly don't care that much who goes at this point. I will think it's kind of funny if this year's big Team America twist gets dudded out the same way BB12 Saboteur twist did. But it does kind of irritate me that there seems to be this idea that the "girls" (ahem, women) can't form an alliance. To be fair any alliance that gets found out gets treated the same way. But the way the BS boys are talking about it is coming off as really misogynistic to me.

I am glad that Donny won the POV. Though his cricket noises are already getting a little old, I do have high hopes for his entertainment factor and his gameplay. He's one of the few who seems to be playing smart without playing too hard. The problem with this year though is that there are so many of them playing super intense that it's not going to backfire they way it usually does.

That's all for now. I'm still not sure how much I'm going to manage to keep up the site this year, and I'm really not happy with the way the screencaps are coming out with the new HD/widescreen feeds. Hopefully I'll work out a few issues over the next few days and get going in earnest soon.

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